*ladies keep in mind tht i am in my bed in pajama pants and a tee shirt with my snuggie and my laptop just eating ramen noodles nd listening to adele while i write and im tired cuz its like 12:45 here in texas so if it sucks just tell me plz*

i stood there in shock as i stared into my own deep red eyes for the first time and a blonde man with pale skin and golden eyes stepped towards me and said "dont be afraid my child im carlisle and this is your new family you see when you and your parents got into that car crash your parents died on contact but since you were in the back you were impaled by a tree branch that went through you mother's neck and hit you stomach which caused you to nearly bleed to death until i found you as i was driving and..." then i said "and what? did i get a blood transfusion? why are my eyes red? is it a side effect of drugs? WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?! i want my mommy and my daddy and i just want to go home" i broke out into sobs and a brunette woman with long hair came up and hugged me then i hugged her back as i cried into her shoulder and i inhaled her scent which consisted of sweet notes and hints of raspberry white jasmine flowers and whipped vanilla then i looked up at her and said "am i going to die?" then she kissed my forehead and said "oh no no no no no darling you wont die because well sweetie we are all vampires and so are you but dont worry your eyes will turn gold soon my dear" i pushed myself away and said "wait? so you mean to tell me that i am a v-v-v-vvvampire?" then she nodded and said "im afraid so sweetheart" then i burst out into more tears and said "IM A MONSTER" then she said "oh heavens no michelle we are quite the opposite we dont kill humans we feed off of animals and we control ourselves so we can lead normal lives" then carlisle said "yes michelle we mean no one any harm we just want to live our lives and let me introduce you to the rest of our family this is my wife esme and your siblings edward, rosalie, emmett, alice ,and jasper" then i said "hi" and alice comes up to me with arms wide open and says "welcome to the family and i can see you know how tp properly use your closet now so the only thing we need to go over is the contacts, school, your car, maybe control,feeding,and we cant forget the obvious how to use your credit card lesson" i gasp as i say "CAR?!" and she says "well um yes how else are you going to get around town?"then she led me to a huge 10 car garage that had a cherry red fx35 infinit *i luv cars so here is a link IMG_0001.jpg * i stood in shock as she gave me the keys to the most awesomesauce car ever............................

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love it!!<3

Wicked car :)

rlly gud :)

Omg! wow

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