I always loved these books. And as I was reading through them for the third time, I began to see that there were some deeper meanings that no one else seemed to have realized yet, and some factors that no one else seemed to have noticed. Here are some of those things.

1. Edward's watching Bella when she sleeps is super creepy. Ew. It's not cute, it's not romantic. It's just ew. Why do so many fans not see this?

2. Edward "sucking the venom out of Bella's hand" in the first book doesn't make a lick of sense. Vampires drink blood and release venom at the same time; therefore, this feat is not possible for a vampire to do. She should have turned into a vampire there.

3. Edward is the king of angst, and so are Bella and Jacob in certain cases, thus putting them amongst the most boring and one-dimensional characters in fictional existence.

4. The portrayal of love in this is way over the top and gives young girls and teenagers the wrong idea of what love should be like. Edward and Bella only care about each other. Bella abandons her friends after she starts dating Edward and only cares about her vampire boyfriend. Until of course she starts hanging with Jacob and then continues to ignore her human friends. Just because people are in love does not mean that they have to constantly be together and constantly think about each other.

5. Vampires cannot impregnate humans. Stephenie Meyer completely contradicted herself in Breaking Dawn. Vampires are technically dead, and according to her every liquid in their bodies was turned to venom when they were turned. Therefore, Renesmee's existence in this book is stupid and doesn't make one iota of sense. And on that point, the name Renesmee is the dumbest original name I've ever heard of. I could have thought of something more original.

6. I don't care how Stephenie Meyer defines imprinting; Jacob and Quil fell in love with toddlers, and that is creepy and disturbing. They are going to have physical, romantic relationships with girls that they watched grow up.

7. The ending to Breaking Dawn was corny and stupid and was something that I imagined a child would come up with. I'm all for happy endings, but having a huge buildup to an epic final battle that didn't happen was lazy and insulting to the reader and was obviously a thrown-together attempt to make a satisfying ending that did not involve the deaths of any major characters. This was a massive betrayal to dedicated readers and Stephenie needs to realize that sometimes a writer has to make sacrifices in order to create a satisfying and realistic ending. Her final result was corny, cheesy, stupid, and horrible.

8. Bella's portrayal in these books is insulting to women. She never does anything for herself and always has to have big, strapping men to rescue her from the big, bad vampires who constantly hunt her. Until she becomes a vampire and suddenly is awesome and doesn't go through the whole "I have to kill everything in sight" phase that all newborns apparently go through. She starts out as an anti-Sue (a derivative of the term Mary-Sue), and goes out as a God-Mode-Sue (another Mary-Sue derivative).

9. Speaking of portrayals in this series, the vampires apparently have no weaknesses. And don't anybody say that their weakness is fire, because according to Stephenie, vampires are rock hard, super strong, super fast, and don't burn in the sun, but simply sparkle like little fairies. Therefore, no human would be able to stand a chance. Vampires need weaknesses that give humans a chance against them. Wooden stakes should be present as a weakness, as well as their skin burning in the sunlight. She did get the fire weakness right, but that's not enough. In these books, the only two things that can kill vampires are other vampires and werewolves/"shapeshifters".

The Twilight series are deeply flawed and are proof of Stephenie Meyer's immaturity as an author. She needs to realize that killing characters and making sacrifices is sometimes a part of creating a true literary work of art, and in sometimes unavoidable. She also needs to develop better explanations for the plot holes listed above. She constantly replies to inquiries about these flaws with things like "It's just fiction" and "I'm not a biology major". These statements are insulting and, overall, rude to Stephenie's fans. Thank you all, and have a nice day.

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