What were your thoughts? Did you like it? What parts didn't you like? (:

... And are you excited for New Moon?!

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OMG I loved the film soooo much! I though it was AMAZING - not as good as the book but i never expected it to be! But all in all it was a great adaptation! favourite scenes were...
Kissing scene (Mmm that was HOT)
Meadow scene (Cause it all comes out and I love that chapter in the book too!)
Baseball scene (because WOW it was good! I LOVE EMMETT!)
The sparkling was brilliant! just how i imagined it except just a bit more bigger and out there. All the actors were picked BRILLIANTLY! Everyone was how I imagined them tbh! Jasper was epic LOL he's so funny in the film!!

a few things that were bad were:
yes it didn't fully bring out the characters. It was much too serious, reading the book, it is WAYYY more light-hearted and teasing and there's a lot more witty banter between bella and edward. ALthough I LOVED Rob in the film, he showed more of Edward's serious brooding side and not enough of his witty, light funny side.
Kristen Stewart kinda annoyed me in the film because I don't think she played Bella at all well :S she didn't show any emotion! sorrrrrryyy... i know ppl really like her..
The cut scenes down and missed out some important things that I really liked! like the Blood typing anddd the airport bit.

all in all though they did the best they could with it and I am very satisfied and impressed with the film! Im just glad they didn't completely balls it up!!

Nids xx
i liked it, for the most part. except for the sparkling. that's really gotta go. i couldn't even tell he was sparkling until i heard the sound. really, summit? sound?

but my favorite scene is definitely the ending, where jacob comes in, wearing that tie... okay, fangirl moment, lol. second favorite scene: bella and edward going to school, with rob wearing those sunglasses.. omg. <3

i was a little disappointed they didn't give taylor a larger roll... :D and they should have developed bella and alice's relationship more. and give emmett more than three lines

but, overall, it was good. (:
I liked it for the most part, but they left out some huge scenes from the book! I am so exstatic about New Moon coming out! Although the first part of the movie is going to be sad, if anyone read the books first! Omg my fave line from the movie was when Edward and Bella where sitting at the Restaurant, and he told her he could read minds and was all like,

"Money, Sex, Money, Sex, Money, Money, Sex...Cat!" lol Me and my friends died laughing twice, since we seen the movie twice! lol
I really loved it it was really good. I cracked up when bella goes into the cullens kitchen with edward and emmet waves at her with this huge knife lol that made me laugh. i also liked all the little inside jokes like the wolves descending and edward creating the front cover of the twilight book in the cafeteria scene!
I loved da movie but I wish
they had the chapter blood
type in there i loved dat chapter
But it was still a gud movie
OMG I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!! and i wish they had the "Mind over Matter" chapter too! its so sexy!!!!!

Remedee said:
I loved da movie but I wish
they had the chapter blood
type in there i loved dat chapter
But it was still a gud movie
I loved the movie, obviously the movie could never be as capitivating as the book but I think they did a pretty good job in the two hours that they had.

I think my favorite scenes would have to be the baseball scene (that is something that will be stuck in my mind forever), the kiss scene (because its easy to see how tormented Edward is by the fact that he wants Bella so badly but knows that he couldn't ever be with her the way he truly wants to be until she isn't so fragile), and I love the part after James bites Bella and Edward has to suck the venom out when Bella has her "life flash before her eyes", (idk why but there is something so intense about that moment because for the most part all Bella sees is Edward and that kinda gives the audience some perspective on how strongly she feels about Edward). Oh and I love how funny Charlie is, like when Bella introduces Edward to him for the first time and he's cleaning his shot gun **Classic**.

I think my least favorite things were how they didn't include Jasper's "talent" or Carlisle's background. I also thought the sparkling was a little bit awkward looking idk there was just something weird about it. I also agree with this:

Erin said:
I also think that Bella was very different then she was in the book. In the book she was a lot more stubborn and would get angry but in the movie she was more timid. I don't think the movie allowed for Edward to really show enough of this cheery side as opposed to his serious side.

As for New Moon I am totally stoked about it I just hope that they don't make Jacob (in his wolf form) look completely ridiculous. Truly that can either be really great or really stupid, because that could really make or break the movie almost completely. I just hope that they are able to get it right. I can't wait to hear the soundtrack either, since Twilight's soundtrack was absolutely fantastic.

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