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Summary----- Her name was isabella. She was to young to understand what was hapening to her. She had many conclusions, untill she finally came to the right one. She was a smart girl, but not smart enough, I guess. She followed him, even though he told her not to. He was just trying to keep her safe, but she would rather die than stay away from him.Untill he slips.... now what will she do? This is her story.




Chicago, Illnois, 1918




Chapter 1

"Isabella Marie Swan! What on Earth do you think your doing?" My beautiful Mother, Renee, asked me.

"What does it look like I'm doing Mother?" I asked my mother.

It was such a beautiful day today. I loved all this snow. It's so wonderful.

"Well, and this is just a guess, but I'm gonna say that you're trying to get the Flu so you can give me more work to do?" She said smiling, clearly joking with me.

I sighed "Momma, You know I don't EVER get sick." I said as I wiped all the snow off my lovely, black, silk dress. 

"Never say never, honey. You know the Flu has taken too many lifes to count." She said, leaning against our cute cottage house. A rag in one hand, dish in the other.

".....That is true." I said trailing off. I walked up to her and took the dish and the rag out of her hands.

"Anyways, I came out here to ask if you wanted to take a jacket to your father still. I will do it if you do not want to anymore. I know you were planning to see Edward today."

"Yes, I will still do it. Although I'm not to sure Father will want to see me." I said, looking around.

"Isabella, I know your Father is always busy at the station but never doubt how he loves you. Because trust me, he does love you undoubtably." She said as she brushed my hair out of my eyes.

"I know. I know he loves me. I know he is not one to share his fealings. I'm not either. He knows how I feel, as I know how he feels." I said cheerfully.

"Exactly. I'm glad you understand. Now, there was another thing I wanted to ask you?"


"Well,  I was wondering what you wanted for you Christmas?" She asked, trying to make as casual as can be.

I groand, "Mother! I told you to forget my presants altgether! I DO NOT want anything." I said, walking away.

"Bella, I am going to get you something whether you like it or not." my Mother walked in front of me to block my way.

"You know it is past Christmas right?" I said, putting my hands on my hips.

"Yes, but I think you have delayed it long enough. So tell me what you want or I'll get you something I KNOW you will get on to me for getting you!" she said, copping my stance.

"FINE! I... I guess you can get me something. But it better not have cost you hardly anything!"

"Yay! Okay, you just think about what you want, Okay?"

"Yes, alright."

"Okay, tell me when your ready to go to your fathers work, yes?"


She walked back inside after talking the dish and rag from my hand. I hadnt noticed that I was drying the dish a little TOO hard.

"Ugh!" I fell back on the fluffy snow.

"Well hello Miss Isabella. A bit cold out to be laying in the snow, no?" I heard a familiar silky voice behind me.

"What?" I turned around

Wow. I didn't even know what to say. Just... WOW. I look at the beautiful man behind me. He always nocked my breath away when I saw him. Dr. Carlisle Cullen. The MOST beautiful man I have ever seen. Excluding Edward. But they were a differant kind of beautiful. Dr. Cullen's beautiful seemed almost unreal, supernatural....unhuman. While Edwards beautiful was..... was...... was, well, just DIFFERANT. Not like Dr. Cullen's but, not not like his. Edwards just seemed more.... natural. More noremal. More... Human. 

"Why hello Dr. Cullen,"  I stud up "Long Time no see?" I curtsied.

He laughed, "Yes, I don't think I have ever seen you outside the hospital." He smiled

"That is true. How have you been?" I asked, feeling like I was about to faint from his smile.

"...Good I suppose. Trying to help Edwards mother is a very complicated job. The Flu is getting worse," He frowned In saddness "I'm afraid she will not live long" He whispered to me.

I felt as if I was about to cry. Why Edward? Why? What has he ever done to deserve this? First his Father and now his Mother? Oh God. He better not be next. I will not exept that. I will not be able to live through that. I thought.

"Please don't say that" I whispered back "He won't be able to haldle that. I won't be able to handle that."

"I am sorry. But, dear, he seams to know that she will not last long. He already mourns her as if she were  already dead."

"Stop" I whispered, trying so hard not to cry.

He steped closer, as if he were aout to hug me, but then stopped.

"I am sorry. I must go to the hospital. They are in need of me. Untill next time?" I nodded

He walked away into the dark. Wait.. dark?

"Shoot, I have to go." When did it get dark out!?






Okay, I was wondering if I should go on?? If anyone liked it??? It WILL get better. I promise you that. It's just that this is the first chapter that's why it's kinda boring. :DD

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I really like it u should keep writing plz...
Chapter 2

I ran into the house and grabbed my Fathers coat.
"I'll be back Mother!" I yelled as I left the house.
"Be safe!" I heard her yell after me
I ran as fast as I could in my heels and dress through the cold snow. My clumsy self almost slipped a few times. Lucky I made it to the police station unharmed. I walked in and saw a man at the front desk. John Quincy Adams. He was my age, if not older. He was handsome, you could say. Almost every one of my girl friends drooled over him. Elana, expesialy. I didn't even think twice about him. I had eyes on my someone. Even though I'm not sure he feels the same for me. Edward. He was all I needed and all I wanted. All my friends gave up there obsession with him when they found out how I felt about him. So, of course, they had to find themselfs a new prey. And John, unfortuatly, was one of them. The first one, actually. Poor guy.
He smiled hugely at me, "Isabella, it's so nice to see you here. How can I help you?" He looked me up and down.
My Father had told me he found me attractive. No effence to the guy, but eww. He was not my type at ALL.
Every girl liked him so much that I just didn't find him attractive at all anymore.
"Ummm, I was looking for my Father, actually." I said to him, smileing a impish smile.
His smile drooped "Oh. Charlie. I mean Chief Swann." They all had to call him Chief Swann. It was for respect, I suppose.
"Yes. Charlie. Why else would I be here?" I stuck my chin in the air. I didn't mean to sound as rude as I did, but he was just so cocky and full of himself that I kinda found it discusting.
"Hah, I can think of a few things." He smiled at me.
I pretended to think, "Really? Because I cannot." I said walking towards him
He raised an eyebrow, "Alright then, I will try and find him." He walked in the back room.
"UGH!" I shivered. And not from the cold or deight.
I heard mummbling and footsteps.
I straightened my back. Reflex, I guess. I always tryed to look my best in front of my Father. Now that I think of it, I'm actually not sure why...
"Bella!" My Father came over and hugged me. I was suprised, so I just hugged him back.
"Hello Father. I brought you your coat." I held out his big trench coat.
"Thank you, dear. You didn't have to walk all the way over here to bring me that. It was very nice of you. Wasn't it John?" Oh God. We are not going to start this again. He always tries to get me to go on a date with John everytime I come here. It drives me insane! Doesn't he get I DO NOT like him!? I thought to myself.
"Very nice. She is a very sweet girl. Your lucky to have her" Joh said, winking to me.
"Oh, look at the time. I'm sorry, I must go. I have somewhere to be." I said turning around, roling my eyes.
"Oh Isabella, I was going to ask you a question, before you leave?" John said, getting up
Oh God, here we go.
I turned around to be polite, "Yes?" I said
"Well, I was wndering, If you would like to go on a date with me? Maybe tomarrow?" He asked, hopefull
"I am sorry. I can't. I have stuff that I need to do. Stuff that is needed of me." I said, turning around again.
"Oh" He said as he sat back in his chair.
"Bella, I am sure you can take out one day of your scheduel to go on a date with this fine man." My Father told me.
"No, I cannot. I am a very busy woman." I said, holing my chin up high.
"Oh really, doing what?"
"....Stuff. I have to help Edward. He needs my help."
"Bella, Edward is not a child he does not need you by his side 24/7. Leave the man be. I know he is your best friend but still."
"Father, his Mother is dying. And I will not leave him in the dark to go through this hard time by his self."
John looked at me, "Are you sure that is ALL you two are? Just friends?"
I looked around awkwardly, "That is none of your consern, nor your business." I said to him
"Hah! Come on. The kid doesn't even have a job. He probably doesn't even feel for you the way you feel for him. What a blind fool." He said laughing.
I ran over there, before I even knew what I was doing, and slaped him square across the face. He looked at me in shock.
"Don't you ever talk about him like that again. Or me" I said in a hard voice, layered with acid.
"Isabella Swann!" I heard my Father yell behind me, "You do not strike a man for no reason!"
I ignored him and started walking towards the door, "You're welcome for your coat," I opened the door, "Oh, and the answer to your question, John, is no. I will never go on a date with you ever. No matter what is in for it for me" I said and walked out.

Hope you liked it!!!
omg omg omg omg omg omg i...i cant stop saying omg. th...this book is the bomb girl. i...s not boring what so ever. cant wait til you write more.until then chao
UGH! I am sorry that I havent updated in FOREVEER!!
I have on my orther website but I completely forgot!
I'm a big dumby:)
Hahaha well I promise you that they will come MUCH faster from now on:DD!!

And here is the...3 chapter I think it is:))
Chapter 3
I started walking to the hospital to go see Edward. It was late, but I was positive he would still be there. He was always there. No matter what happened, he would always be there.
It was starting to get colder and colder. The winds started to pick up and I could see my breath now. I should have brought a coat but I completly forgot. My dress was long sleeved but that wasn't enough to keep the coldness out. I ran but that only lasted so long. It was times like these that I wish I had a carage. When I finally reached the hospital, it looked completly dead. I saw some people go in and out, but not a whole lot. I steped in through the doors, I looked in a mirrior that was hangging up and tryed to fix my hair. It was in a crazy heep from the wind. And, like my dad, I always tryed to look good for Edward. I straightened m dress and headed to the front desk.
"Elizabeth mason?" I asked the woman at the counter.
"I'm sorry, visiting hours are over." she just looked down
"Umm, I am here to see her son. I did not plan on bothering or waking her. I know how she needs her rest." I said reasuringly, trying to get her to let me in.
She looked me up and down and seemed to be thinking for a minute, "Okay. But if hear that you have been talking to her, I won't think twice abou throwing you out. We understand, yes?" She asked
"Yes, ma'ma." I said, trying not to sound as a annoyed as I was.
"Okay. I'll show you the way then" she got up and walked towards the hall.
Wow. I didn't like this nurse. I like the one I usually saw when I came here to visit. She was alot nicer and undersod the situation. This one look as if she had see to many sick people. She had a mixture of saddness and annoyance on her smoothe ageless face.
"They changed rooms again?" I asked as we passed the old room she used to be in. They changed rooms almost once a week. I was getting hard to keep up with.
She looked back at me,"Of course they did. Now lets hurry. I'm not supposed to be out of my station at this time of night." She said as she finnaly turned into a room.
"Thank you, ma'ma" I said and curtsied.
"You are welcome" She walked away.
I took a deep breath. I always hated coming into the room for the first time of the day. I usually came earlier than this, so it was a bit hard to actually get my feet to move and go through the door for some reason.
I let out my breath and walked in. The first thing I looked at was Mrs. Mason. She looked sicker today; she was sleeping, as usual. That was basically all she did. When she got up, someone always had help her. It was heart-braking
Edward was looking at her, consintrating. Which was basically all he did. That's always what I caught him doing when I first walkied in here.
He looked up at th sound of my entrance and smiled as big as he could. Which wasn't a whole lo anymore. But that was okay. I understood.
"Hello Isabella. Thank you for coming again. It means alot to me."
I nodded, "Hello Edward. Of course I came. Why wouldn't I?" I sat next to him.
"How is she today?" I asked. It was a stupid question though. She couldn't be any better than yesterday. And she surtantly wasn't good yesterday.
"Okay... I suppose. If you want to call it "okay". She has slept almost all day."
"Oh." I didn't know what to say to that.
We just sat there for a minute. I didn't really know what to say. What do you say to a man who's Mother was dieing?
"So your birthday is coming up, is it not? In a few months?" I asked him
He looked surprised, "Yes. Yes it is." he brushed it off
"Oh. Okay, then."
Why was I so awkward? It was never awkward. Ever.
Oh God. I know what it is.
Stupid John! Had to make me think about how Edward and I would make a great couple! Now that's all I can think about! I don't even see him as a friend anymore! I see so much more then that...
Damn John...

"I saw you at the police station." Edward said, looking at me, smiling a tad bit.
"Oh. Yes, I had to drop my Fathers coat off. I hate going there...." which was true. I'm sure you can guess why....JOHN!
He looked down, "Yeah. You looked a little annoyed."
"A little!?" I asked
He smiled, "Adam,(<----- John, thats his last name:)) is too big of a flirt. He needs to back off a little." he said, worried for some reason I wasn't sure of.
"A little!?" I giggled, "Yes, he is. It is annoying. I really can't handle it anymore. I used to be able to tolerate it. But now it has gotten to be where I cannot go there anymore, apparently." I said and sniffed
"I understand. You do not find him attractive? Every other female in this place seems too." he chuckled
"No. I have eyes on someone else." Oh my God! Did I really just say that!? I didn't say who it was, but I had a feeliing I would soon.
He looked down at his moter and raised an eyebrw, "Really? And who would that be?" he askeed, then looked sad again.
Why did he look sad? I hated seeing him sad
"You should go. It is getting late." he said suddenly
My head snapped up to looka t him, "What!? I always stay here much later then this." I said, confuzed.
"Yes. That is true. But, like you said, you are a busy woman." he said. He sounded mad now.
"But...but...but," I didn't know what to say. For some reason, I felt as if he was pushing me away. Being distant. Too distant. It was roling off of him.
"Just go, Isabella" He sai and got up to take his Mothers hand.
"If... if that's what you want."
He didn't look at me.
I stood up. I staired at him for a moment.
"Goodbye, Edward. Untill next time."
He didn't look at me. Just staired at his mom.
I walked out. It wasn;t until I saw Dr.Cullen that I noticed I was crying.
"Isabella. Twice in one day. How nice." he said, being polite as always.
"Oh, Dr.Cullen. Nice to see you again." I wipped my eyes and sniffled.
"Is something wrond, dear?" he asked, looking concerned
"No, I am fine. Just cold out, is all" I said, trying to make an excuse
"Okay, then. Well, is there something you needed?"
"No. I was just leaving, actually."
"Oh. How odd. You usually stay for quite awhile."
"Yes,well. Edward just wanted time alone, I suppose."
"Really? He seems to get alot of that nowadays. I find it weird that he would more of it. Time allone, I mean."
"There is alot he has to think about. Now, if you don't mind, I must go." I said, turning away.
"Okay, then. Good night, then, Isabella."
"You too, Dr.Cullen." I said, walking out into the the cold night.
What did I do? What did I say to Edward to make him snap on me all of the sudden? I don't get it. Oh, if only he knew how I felt about him. If only...
I walked home in the dark, cold night. Not really felling the snow crunch under me or the cold wind hit my face. I was numb. Incoherent.
"What am I going to do?" I whispered to myself.

Okay. So I hope you liked it. And I was wondering what you wanted to happen next time? Do you want Bella to tell Edward how she feels? Do you want her to ignore him for a little while? If you have any ideas just twll me!!
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good job i luv it cant wait til you update somemore
Chapter 4
I decided to leave Edward be, for the time being. I thought that if I wasn't by him he wouldn't be mad or upset with me anymore. Wow, thinking about it now, I'm a horrible person. Leaving him all by himself, to deal with his Mothers sickness all by himself, just so, I thought, he wouldn't be mad at me anymore.
I'm such an idiot! Why did I neglect him? Because I am a stupid fool that's why.
I really wanted to go see him, but I couldn't right now. I would sneak out. With out a doubt I would sneak out. But there is no way the nurses would let me in at this time of night. Not even that one nurse I liked so much. The one that let's me in even when it is past visiting hours. No. Even she wouldn't let me in at this time.
I can go tomorrow though! First thing in the morning I wil--
No. I can't go tomorrow. I have to go with Mother to the market and other pointless places. Damitt! Well, I can try and ask her if I can skip, just this one day.

For some reason, Mother was always so serious about going to the market and martial shop with me. I think it was because she liked to spend time with me. As much time as she could, because every passing day we started getting more and more distant with each other. Not a bad distant. Just a "we're both always so busy." kind of distant. Well, hopefully she will let it slide this one time and let me see Edward. Hopefully. I lie in my bed, thinking about the day to come. I knew I was going to dread it. I was going to be thinking about Edward the who time. Which I do half the time anyways, but still. I will be worse this time. This time I'll have guilt in my head instead of it being lovesick. I groaned and looked at the grandfather clock that was in my room. 6:00am, and not a ounce of sleep.
Well, might as well just get up now and help with breakfast or something.
I got up and took a shower, got on my cute little dress on that my Mother just brought the day before(here is Bella's dress; fixed my hair in a pretty bunch of curls on top of my head. I opened my door and headed for the kitchen. My Mother was already awake and breakfest was already done.
"Good morning sweetie. It is good to see you up so early." My Mother said to me, offering me a plate of food
I shook my head no, "Mother, is there any chance that I can stay home today. From the market and the clothing shop?" I asked, playing with the hem of my dress.
She looked at me for a minute, "Why do you not want to come with me? Is it a bore to be around your Mother all day?" she smiled, but I should see the hurt behind it
"Of course not! I love spending time with you. It's just...well I really needed to do something today."
"Well, can't you do it some other day? We hardly ever do anything together Isabella."
"....Okay. I suppose I can do it some other day."
Edward can wait one more day, right?
I thought about how he looked the last day I saw him in the hospital and had to suppress a groan.
"Great! Okay, then. Let's go, if you are ready of course."
"Yes, I am ready."
"Okay, good. We can get off with a head start and then you can do whatever it was that you needed to do." she smiled at me as she got her coat.
"Okay. Sound's good." I tried, but didn't succeed, to smile back
"Let us be on our way, then" she opened the door for me
"Okay" I grabbed my parasol that was next to the door and followed my Mother

Six hour later
"Where to now?" I asked my mother.
It was actually a really nice day.It was breezy and sunny out,but not to hot.
A perfect day. I rather liked spending time with my Mother. It was.... interesting I guess you could say.
"Hmm," she thought for a moment, "I think we're done. Huh, I thought it would have taken longer than that. It is only 12:00pm. Well, I guess time flies when you are having fun, I suppose. I hope you had fun?" she asked me
"Of course I did. I can't not have fun when I am with you." I giggled
She laughed, "Why thank you. I can say the same about you, too, sweetheart."
We kept walking to the house. In silence this time.
"You can go do what you need to now, if you'd like." she told me outta nowhere
"Oh. Is that ok with you? I mean, do you need any help with the stuff?" I asked, getting excited.
She waved it off, "I'm not that old yet. I think I can handle a few bags, dear. You go on. I will see you later?"
"Okay! Yes, I will see you later tonight!" I kissed her on the cheek and ran as fast as I could in my heels.
And I thought I would have to wait a whole nother day!
And then a thought occurred to me. I stopped and looked down at my clothes.
I should change.
I loved the dress I was wearing but, like I said, I always wanted to look good for Edward. And this outfit just wasn't going to cut it. I rushed back to the house to change.
I could have helped Mother with the bags. Oh, well. I am sure she will be fine.
I changed and fixed my hair again (Bella's dress;
I ran out of the house, trying, once again, not to trip over my dress.
I was so excited! I would finally tell Edward how I felt! I ran faster. I saw the hospital and slowed down a little bit. I walked through the entrance and looked in the mirror and fixed my hair, again
I walked up to the nurse that was working the front desk.
"Last name of the person you are visiting?" She asked politely
I smiled openly and hugely, "Mason." I said with glee.
She looked at her chart then looked back at me, "Which one?"
"Excuse me?" I asked, my smile slowly turning down.
"Which Mason? I have two on record here." She told me, frowning too
"May I see?" I asked in a whisper, holding my hand out for the chart.
"Umm...okay." She handed it over.
I snatch it from her hand, not caring at the moment that I was being incredibly rude.
I read over it.
Sure enough, in big bolded letters, It said "Edward Anthony Mason"
I dropped the chart and took off down the hall.
"Miss! Miss, you can't do that! MISS!!" I heard the nurse yelling after me
I wasn't listening. All I could think about was seeing Edwards name on that chart. That chart that holds the name's of the sick people in this hospital.
I kept running until I saw the room number that I saw on the chart.
I stopped in front of the door for a minute, my breathing hard and hoarse. I opened the door, not wanting to disturb him. I wanted to fling it open and run in to see for myself that it wasn't true.
But it was true. Once I opened that door I saw the beautiful man that I was passionately in love with. He was just laying there. His chest going up and down, up and down. All I heard was the sound of the machine beside him beaping, telling me that he was alive.
"No" I whispered to myself, "No, no, no, no, no, no NO!!" I screamed
I ran to his bed and hugged him. I tried with all my might not to hug him to hard or to wake him up. Which I was surprised that he hadn't yet.
The nursed that was at the front counter walked in.She was breathing hard, also
"Miss! There you are. You have to sign in to even be able to be in here!" She said, tugging my hand, trying to pull me away.
I just brushed her off, "Don't touch me!" I yelled at her.
She stumbled back, stuned.
I guess she finally got what was wrong with me, because after that she said,
"Okay, well if you are going to be here, I am going to have to ask you to be quiet. I will sign you in, then" She started to walk out the door, "I am so sorry." I heard her whisper.
I just sat there, crying. And then crying and crying. Then crying some more. But I couldn't help it.
What would you do if the only person you had fallen in love with was, literally, on his death bed?

Bella's 2nd dress for chapter 4. It didnt pop up for some reason so here it is:))!!!!
Hahah thank you very much Stevie Rae:)
Wow, I just had a flash back to when I was reading the "House of Night" series.... weird...
Hahaha thank you for reading my story:DD

Stevie Rae Johnson said:
omgmeo! you have me intears... i didnt think rading this part of the story... where you know its gunna happen.. and cry.... i just.. *sob*. I wasnt expecting it.... I cnat wait for the next chapter! Nice job on these and the pervious! YOu have no idea how good these are...

No if you exuse me.. im gunna go cry in a corner now.. *SOB*
Chapter 5
It was like I was in a black h***. Like I was drowning. Like a vortex, spinning, falling down, down, down in a spiral with no escape but to perish. I could explain it in so many different ways. So many different words and examples. But I think the best ones would be....Misery. Agony. Anguish. Despair. Grief. Sorrow.....Torture...
Well, I'm sure you get it. Hence, I feel like I am going to die. I feel like my heart has been ripped from my chest. It is a horrible feeling, I can assure you. To feel as if you would rather die then to stay alive one more moment and endure this horrible pain that I feel while looking at my beloved.
As I looked at Edward lying there on the cot in the hospital room. Dying, of Spanish Influenza. All the while I just stare at him, not being able to do a thing. Not a single thing but look at his beautiful face and wonder what I'll do when he is gone. When he is no longer touchable. Huggable. See-able....
The thought sent me into tears once again.
Gosh, I know I'm going to get upset, so why do I think about it!? I thought to myself
Because It's all you can do, that's why. Other then sit here and stare at him and cry your worthless little eyes out
I can't live without him. I've know him my entire life. I've cared for him my entire life....I've loved him my entire life. And it will always be that way. No matter what.
But what can I do to save him? I'm a weak human. Pitiful and powerless. said the annoying voice in my head.
"I don't know anymore." I said by accident out loud
"Edward? Edward you have to wake up. Open your eyes. Talk to me. Just say something. Please say something! Edward, I love you. Just wake up, for me? I can't live without you. I refuse to live without you. So please. Just please wake up!" I shook him the littlest bit.
He just lay there, though, calmly and soundly.
I stood up and ran out of the room crying again, face in my hands not looking at all to where I was going. I felt cold hands catch me. I moved my hands. There stood, once again, Dr. Carlisle Cullen.
Wow, I was running to and into him alot lately. I have never seen him so much before. Well, I guess it could be that I am where he works...
"Isabella. Nice to see you again?" He asked unsure.
I looked him dead in the eyes and stepped back a step to catch my balance; all that crying had me feeling dizzy. I lifted my hand and smacked him right across the face.His head turned automatically from the blow. It seemed like it hurt me more than it even fazed him. I shook my hand.
Wow that was painful!
"How dare you. How dare you make a promise to me that you oh so clearly couldn't even attempt to keep?" I asked him as acid slowly seethed into my voice.
"Bella I--" He began.
"Don't! I do not want to hear it! You told me. No you promised me that you would make sure, be positive, and do everything in your power to make sure that Edward would not get sick. You swore it to me. You gave me you oath! And now look what I come see! Him, in a hospital bed with a bunch of machines hooked up to him! How could you!" I screamed at him. I saw people looking my way but I ignored them. I was to upset at Carlisle to care about what they were looking at.
"Isabella. I am so sorry. I--- I can't even stress how entirely and utterly sorry I am. But there was nothing I could do! I tried everything! I swear on my life that I did! There was absolutely nothing I could do. Because if that was so, I promise you I would have found it." He look at me with nothing but grief in his eyes.
It was so stupid to be mad at Dr.Carlisle. So hard. But he broke a promise. One that my life and heart depended on. The promise that I relied on for my well being and Edward also. A promise that insisted my future that I long for with Edward.
I started to feel the tears threat at my eyes as I thought of the future I wanted with Edward.
Now all of that is gone! All I wished and longed for has now vanished into the nothingness that is from now on my life.
Anger swelled up in my once more...and sadly I let it out on Carlisle
"Then you shouldn't have fed me lies of a promise that you could never keep pure." I whispered to him.
"But I tried Bel--" He tried to tell me.
"Trying got us nowhere! My whole life, whole future, WHOLE EXISTENCE IS NOW GONE! IS NOW POINTLESS AND WILL LEAD NOWHERE BUT TO MY OWN DESTRUSTION BECAUSE MY ONE REASON FOR WHO I AM IS GOING TO DIE! " I screamed at the top of my lungs at him.
Yes, it may have been a bit dramatic, but no one got it. No one saw anything, anyone, how I saw Edward.No one felt how I felt about a person like I do about Edward. No one. It is not possible.
"Isabe--" He struggled to talk again. He wasn't successful
"Go to hell Dr. Cullen. I never want to see your face again unless you have a cure in your hands." I said solemnly and turned to stroll off.
I know. I know I am not being fair. I'm not foolish. I know it was not his fault in anyway at all. But he gave me hope that he failed to follow through with. I should be mad at the stupid infectious disease. But of course I have to go off and be an immature b****.
I can't help it though! I swear I can't help it... And i am positive I will gravel and say I am sorry to him sometime. It just won't be for awhile.
I walked back to the room, with essentially the whole hospitals eyes on my back, feeling the most guilt I've ever felt in my generation. I heard some people whispering and laughing. And others "yesing" and nodding in agreement with me. I walked into the room and sat on the chair that I always sat on. then I got back up to fix his sheets and pillow. As I was bending over him I heard a little sigh come from below me. I looked down and saw Edward looking at me. His eyes weren't completely open, but it was good enough for me.
He smiled softly at me, "Isabella. I should have known you would be here when I woke up."
"Edward!" I hugged him ever so softly, "How are you feeling? Do you need something? Pain medicine? Water? Anything?"
He chuckled, "No, dear, I am fine. Well, that is an overstatement. I am well." He said to me.
I kissed his cheek, "I am overjoyed that you are...okay. And I am so sorry that I wasn't here for you when you first passed out. If I wasn't being so childish and stupid I would have. I shouldn't have left--" He put his finger on my lips to stop my from talking. I smiled warmly and took the finger that was on my lips, opened it up to show his full hand, and brought it to rest on my cheek.
"Don't fret, darling. It was I who was being ridiculous. I was jealous and took it out on the person I care about most." He caressed my cheek
"Jealous? Why ever would you be jealous if?" I asked, so very confused
He smiled deeply, "My sweet girl, do you not know? Or have I been hiding it to well?" He asked.
That just made me even more confused, "Don't I know what?"
"That I am in love with you? He told me with a serious face
I felt as if I was going to faint. I always imagined that he loved me, but never did I actually think that he did. It just didn't make sense. None at all.
"What?" It came out in a whisper.
"I am in love with you, Isabella Swan. Have been for all my years, and will always be for as long as this sickness doesn't take me. Even when the angel of death takes me away, I will always love you unconditionally and dotingly." He said, and pulled me to be closer to him, and I was completely surprised that he could do so. I was an inch from his face now, "You don't know how long I have wanted to confess this to you. How long it has been eating me away inside." He had his eyes closed now and was whispering in my ear now.
Oh God, this is why I loved him. He was incredibly and entirely sweet!
"Really?" Was my brilliant comeback
His smile blinded me, "Yes, really. And once I heard About John, I flipped out. I thought you were in love with him. I thought I would have to spend the rest of my life alone, because I could never love anyone the way I love you." He said, taking my breath away again
"Never. I could never love anyone but you. Especially not John of all people." I said Johns name like a cuss word.
"Amore mio. La mia vita. Il mio universo. La mia eternità ..." He whispered in my ear
I think I knew enough Italian to understand what that meant, "My love. My life. My universe. My eternity..."
I was crying.... again, "Yes, I feel the same. You are my reason for living. And the only one I know of. And will be the only one I know of. Though I must admit, I do not deserve you." I said through tears.
"No, Bella. It is I who does not deserve you. And I never will be worthy of your love." He tried to reach up, but didn't have the strength to do so. I pulled him up and his lips barley touched mine. He push up more with his hands and his lips were more forceful on mine.
My first kiss. And with the man that I love the most in the world. Like he said he was my love. My life. My universe. My eternity...
All of the sudden, Edward flopped back on his bed and started shacking.
"Edward? Edward! Nurse! Nurse get in here!" I ran out of the room to get a nurse. She got up and ran back to the room with me.
"Go get Dr. Cullen! Go!" She yelled at me as she was pumping up and down on Edwards chest.
I ran down the hall 'till I saw Carlisle.
"Dr. Cullen! Come quick! It's Edward!" I didn't even stop to see what he had to say
He threw down his information chart and ran with me.
We got in the room again and started doing CPR on him and when that didn't work he started injecting him with something.
"What is that!?" I asked him.
"Bella get out of here."
"But he ne--" I started to say
"Isabella Swan, get out of here!" He yelled at me
That was the first time I have ever heard him yell before. And frankly, It frightened me.
I ran out of the room just as I heard the machine in the room Flat Line.

Well, there it is
Hoped ya liked it!!
Comment pleeeeeeeeeease!!

Spoiler Alert!:
Edward doesn't dye just so you know! Just didn't want you to be like "Edward died! What the eff! I'm totally out of here!" so I had to tell you before that happened hahah.
Anyways, yep so there's your Spoiler Alert!
If you want Spoiler Alerts every time I write then just comment telling me so:D
*Love and Stuff!*
Hahahaha I know!!
I was just saying, It came outta nowhere!!

Stevie Rae Johnson said:
lol... hey! Having a flashback of Hon is NOT a bad thing at all! ;) lol

April Cullen:) said:
Hahah thank you very much Stevie Rae:)
Wow, I just had a flash back to when I was reading the "House of Night" series.... weird...
Hahaha thank you for reading my story:DD

Stevie Rae Johnson said:
omgmeo! you have me intears... i didnt think rading this part of the story... where you know its gunna happen.. and cry.... i just.. *sob*. I wasnt expecting it.... I cnat wait for the next chapter! Nice job on these and the pervious! YOu have no idea how good these are...

No if you exuse me.. im gunna go cry in a corner now.. *SOB*
Chapter 6
I kept running when I left Edwards room. I ran past the hospital. I just kept running. By the time I stopped, I was home. I didn't intend on going home, I just wound up there before I knew where I was going and before I could go somewhere else. This was the last place I wanted to be. No, the hospital was the last place I wanted to be.
I'm in shock. I don't know what to think.
Well, get out of shock and put your head on straight so you can figure things out, a different part of me said.
I walked inside, breathing hard but not because of running, and trying not to start sobbing.
Get passed mom and dad, tell them what is happening... then sob later
I walked in the house and as soon as I did, I heard my mom call
"Isabella, is that you?" My mom asked. She walked out in her night gown and a cup in her hand. She set down the cup and came running towards me. She hugged me as soon as she got to me. I couldn't help but sob when I was in her arms.
I'm pathetic...
"I was so worried about you! You didn't come home that night. It's been two days Bella! Where have you been? And Why haven't you been home?" She asked, looking at me.
It's been two days? I hadn't noticed...
"I...umm...I....well.... Edward got the flu. I couldn't leave him momma. I just couldn't. I.... don't know what to do." I started crying again.
"Oh my goodness. Baby, I am so sorry. If I would have known I would have came up there. How's he doin'? Please say good?" Her eyes were beginning to water.
"I..I don't really know."
"You don't know? You've been with him for two days! How do you not know??" She was getting upset.
"I ran out of the room when he flat lined a little bit ago." I whispered
"Oh. Oh Isabella!" She hugged me again"
I just sat there and took it this time, Didn't hug back, didn't cry. I felt so numb. It was worse this time. For some reason. I felt as if I needed to let go. As if he was already gone.
No! You don't know he is dead! Stop it right now! You are not allowed to give up! Some part of me thought.
He flat lined! He is gone. He's never coming back... Stop torturing yourself. Another part of me thought.
"That doesn't mean he is dead, though, honey. Billions of people are saved after they flat line." My Mother said, wiping her eyes.
"Yes, maybe so. I need to take a shower right now. After that, I will go back to the hospital." I walked away.
What do you think you are doing!? A bath!? Edward is still alive, and you want to take a bath!? A part of me thought.
I walked to the bathroom,stripped, and took a bath. Ignoring the voice altogether. When I was done, I got dressed (Bella's dress;
and headed down stairs.
"Mother? I am going back to the hospital." I told her grabbing my parasol.
"Okay. I will be there soon, okay?" She yelled to me.
"Yes, Mother." I answered blankly.
I walked all the way to the hospital at regular pase. What was the hurry?
I finally walked through the doors of the hospital and saw Dr.Cullen.
"Bella! Where did you go!?" He asked, running up to me.
"Home." I answered like it was the most obvious question ever.
"Why!? I needed you out of the room! Not out of the hospital!" He said
I just stood there.
"Now," He said, pushing me towards the hall,"I revived Edward Of course. It took allot, but I did it." He said smiling ever so brightly.
I told you so! Said that annoying part of my brain. The one that was nagging me the whole way here.
Shut up brain! Listen to Dr.Cullen!
Instead I just rann to Edwards room.
"Bella, wait!" I heard Dr. Cullen yell after me.
He is alive! He is alive! He is alive! He is alive!
I stopped at Edwards room, and sure enough I saw his chest go up and down.
"Ahhh!" I gasped in joy.
I heard a chuckle from behind me.
I turned around and hugged Dr. Cullen with all my might. He didn't seemed bothered by it.
And nows the time for asking for forgiveness for being so rude to him...
"Thank you, Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you.." I kept chanting to him.
He laughed, "Your welcome, my dear. I am sorry I disappointed you earlier. There wasn't anything I could do. I swear to you that." He said, rubbing my head.
"I am so sorry I was rude to you. But I didnt know what to do..." I said to him, trying not to cry again
"I understand. Now, I need to tell you something. But you cannot act to rash, okay?" He held me by the shoulders.
"I'm afraid... Edward won't last very long. I think you need to say goodbye while you can..." He told me in a whisper.
"What? Are you serious?"
"Yes, I'm afraid."
I knew it was too good to be true.
"Okay. I will."
He patted my shoulders, "Good. I'll give you time alone with him" He walked away.
I walked in his room. His eyes were open and he was looking at me.
"Hello." He said in a raspy voice.
I can't do this!
You can and you will

"Hello, my love." I answered back.
He closed his eyes for a moment then opened them again, "Ahh, I will never get tired of hearing that."
I chuckled, "I'm sorry I left you...again. I'm horrible I know." I said, one tear slipping down my chin.
"No sweetheart. It was not your fault. I couldn't have stayed if it was you in my position. So I , too, am horrible." He said, beckoning my to come to him.
I walked towards him, "You could never be horrible." I whispered.
"Oh, don't cry, my love. I am not worth your tears."
I sat on the bed next to him and he took my hand, "You are worth every molecule in my body. Every ounce of my being. All of who I am." I whispered.
"Ahh, why now? Why do I have to die now? Right when I have found my everything? I would be so lucky..." He said, and let out a deep breathe.
He looks tired...
"That is just how the world turns, I suppose." I answered him.
"Yes, I suppose..." He trailed off.
He winced in pain.
"I will be right back. I am going to go get you some medicine." I said , getting up.
"No, don't leave me." He caught my hand.
"You'll feel better, I promise." I walked out of the room
"Nurse, can I get some assistance please?" I asked the nurse at the desk.
"Yes, I will be there in a moment." She walked in the back to get the medicine.
"Thank you."
I started walking back to the room. I was about five doors down when I heard Dr.Cullen whispering to someone.
"You can save him. I know you can. You are the only one who can." I hear a raspy woman voice say.
I peeked in the room.
It's Dr. Cullen and Mrs. Mason. They are talking. But what about?
They seemed intent on the conversation.
"But I cant. There is no way." He answered back.
"Yes, you can. I know what you can do. I know what you are. You can save my baby. Please, save my son." She said, taking a deep breath and holding it.
"But I....I.... I will. I will save him. For you. For a final request." He said.
"Thank you Carlisle Cullen. You truly are a great man. Never doubt that. Never forget it." She said, finally letting out her breathe.
"Yes, I will give your son your condolences. Farewell, Elizabeth Mason. May I see you in another life."
She flat lined as soon as he finished his sentence. He kissed her forehead and closed her eyes with his hand.
I walked away quickly.
Poor Mrs.Mason...I loved her like my own Mother, A second Mother, if you will. I am going to miss her deeply.And what on God's green earth was that about!?

Once again, EDWARD DOESN'T DIE!!!! I am tired of people leaving on me!!! So yes, thank you for reading and comment pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

Sorry, no spoiler Alert this time:(

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