Soooo...Who likes the Vampire Diaries? I know it's totally different from Twilight, but I'm really enjoying it so far. And Stefan is so hot! ;] Opinions, comments, questions, any thoughts?

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I am watching this summer reruns to catch up. First season, third episode, Damon is reading Twilight and says" whats up with that Bella chick anyway, that Edward guy is so whiped!" then he says" thoes Twilight vamps have it all wrong." I laughed so hard!!!!!
i totally agree, i thought maybe it was just me! I watched the two episodes of the new season and i felt elena and stefan have no chemistry.. not sure if its the actors or just the writers that dont make the two characters have enough chemistry. When they kissed at the end of the 2nd episode the camera was not even close.. I hope i am wrong cause i actually got sucked into it about half way thru last season.. like you said i dont mind the storyline but there should be more passion between the main characters

Meadow said:
I was looking forward to this new show because I'm a big vampire fan and True Blood won't be back until next year. Unfortunately there is zero chemistry between the two playing Stefan and Elena. The story itself isn't bad (never read the books) and I think Damons great.
I love it! it's different from twilight, more darker, but i love anything to do with vampires. though i like it mostly because Damon is so Hot!
You can got to and see it!!!!!! It is a great show, I love it almost as much as Twilight.

Alycia Jones said:
absolutely luvv vampire diaries best show!!luvv Damon too he is sooo sexy! i missed the last episode can anyone tell me what happened!
Onyx:I LOVE The Vampire Diaries..I'm SO team Damon!! I love Caroline as a vamp :D
i really love it! and Damon is my favorite :P
after i finished watching the first season i read the first book and it's so different. i mean the book has nothing to do with the tv show. really. though both are really good
I'm enjoying the show. Never read the books. I definitely Team Stefan!! And it's definitely not as good as Twilight! :)
I love it!!!!!!!! Stefan is so adorable and sweet! *smile* Stefan is so wonderful because he avoided drinking human blood, and I love his eyes! So dark and beatiful. *sigh* But I also like Damon, he looks really sweet when he smiles. :)

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