Now, I want to know what you like better,

The Vamps! 

Or The Wolves.

Well, would you like to be one of them?

Explain in the comments.

P.S. this is not about team Edward or team Jacob, so don't say anything about Edward or Jacob in the comments!

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YOU SAID IT! *lol* :DD



jennamariemcgregor said:

vamps, vamps, and VAMPS again!!! why you ask? vampires are the most AMAZING supernatural creatures out there!! you sleep all day, party all night, never grow old and never die IT'S FUN 2 BE A VAMPIRE!!! lol. oh, and there's the speed, the strenth the agility, the freedom, and the inhumaly beautiful looks!!! and vamps don't have chiefs they do whatever they please!!! hehe. really..what person WOULDN'T want 2 be a vampire!! they are the coolest!!!! LONG LIVE THE VAMPIRES!!!!!!! :-)

I am totally vampire!!!! Who wouldn't want to live for ever sparkle be super fast destroy tons of things that other people cant do and other kewl things. plus we may eve may get an extra talent like reading minds or seeing the cuter. Who wouldnt?!?!?!!?!?? Totally vampire!!!!!

VAMPIRE!!!!!....enough said lol

Hell Yes I run with vampires! :D

Kelly Cullen said:

VAMPIRE!!!!!....enough said lol

I Think vampires are really cool...
i've read other books and i find vampires extremely fascinating.
i'd like to be a vampire -even though i'm kind of freaked out with blood-

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