The Worst day of my entire life. Can you guys please cheer me up?

Today was really tough. It started out when I woke up, my
mom woke me up at 8:30 a.m. and said, "You have about 2 minutes to get
ready, you're going to be late for your dentist appointment!" I
absoloutly hate going to the dentist!! So I got ready and then we left,
just my dad, sister, and I. When we got there, the dentist's nurse said,
"Is anything huting you?" I said, "No." she told me, "Okay then, you
don't have to stay then."
Great! This
is awesome! Maybe today is going to be a great day! I thought. I was
wrong of course. I had to wait for my dad and sister, in this dentist,
it takes about more than an hour just to get checked. It was a good
thing I brought Breaking Dawn the book with me! So the I started
reading, when I saw something move on the floor. A spider!! The only
thing I'm afraid of!! It was like a mini tarantula!! I went with my
sister in side the little room to get away from it. We started talking
until the dentist came in, so I went with my dad in the other room. I
asked if I could get the keys to the car to sleep for a while, I knew it
was going to be a while til' they're finished with them, and I was
really tired. I didn't get much sleep. Then, I went in the car and an
hour later, I woke up. I had to wait for half an hour to leave so I
waited in the car. It was like 100 degrees in there!! When we left I
thanked god! We were supposed to get some breakfast but instead we went
with my uncle. When we got there my dad was talking to my uncle about
something and my sister and I were in the car waiting. When we left my
dad was talking on the phone and when he hung up he said, "Your grandpa
just got home with your uncle, I really feel bad for him." It looked
like he was about to cry. "What's wrong?" I asked. He sighed and said,
"Your uncle Miguel was murdered." he told me. "What?!" I yelled at the
same time with my sister. He explained and said that he was beaten to
death by a gang. You see, my uncle Miguel just got out of jail and
started to rob some stuff from people and he aslo sold drugs. I didn't
know what to do so I forgot about it. We went to my dad's friend from
work next. They were going to trade tires. Oh great, I thought to
myself. My sister and I had to get off from the car and sit on small
table outside. There was like 5 familes living together in that small
house. There were a lot of little kids there staring at my sister and I.
"Look! There's Lady Gaga!" a little boy whispered pointing at me.
What?! I thought. My sister and I were waiting there with the retarded
little kids for an hour! When we left we had to go back with my uncle so
my dad could talk to my grandpa about the accident. When we got down
from the car, everyone was there with sad faces. Something in my stomach
was bothering me. I thought it was just because I was hungry but I
realized that it felt like I wanted to cry. That surprised me. It
brought back memories of my dead uncle Miguel. My whole family said I
looked exactly like him. Acted exactly like him. When I met him in jail
from my trip to Mexico, I realized we even had the same moles at the
same spot! Woah! We were there for another hour then left with my
grandpa. We stopped by Wendy's fast food place. Finally! Some food! But I
am a vegetarian, I don't eat meat! So I only got a milkshake and waited
til' I got home to eat. I remembered that my mom said she was going to
take me to Micheal's Craft store and PetSmart today. She never did and
my coupon for 50% off any Item from the store at Micheal's Crafts was
going to expire today! My mom was talking to me and said, "Don't you
feel sad about your uncle Miguel?! When family dies, we can't do
anything! It's just painful!" Ofcourse I'm sad! I want to cry for hours
right now! I thought to myself. Just thinking about him and looking at
pictures makes me want to cry. Thinking about my life makes me want to
cry. I don't have any real friends, I never had! They all would turn on
me. I was just the ugly mexican girl at school! I have to suffer with my
life on my own with no one to talk to. It hurts me! I really hate my
life! Sometimes my parents don't understand me and what I'm going
through! Part of it is my own fault because I never tell them anything
thing about my life, about how I want to live my life! I really need
someone who I can share this with, but I have no one. When I read a Twilight book, I swear it make me forget about things. Like everything disappears?

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hey..I don't know what to I'll start with something little.I'm really sorry for your uncle.I have like..three uncles,but they don't love me,even if I do that.
From what I've read here,I understood your pain.Sometimes I think the same..Why is life so harder even when you are just a kid?why you can't play with other kids just because they're mean and not mature enough as you are?I'm only 13 but to be honest,when I was little I was very lonely.I've never played with other kids,maybe just once or twice.I've been always like that...I don't have too many friends now,too.At my school,I'm just like you.People from there just..ignore me.One day I was crying and everybody was playing outside of school,and when they saw me they was like :"ooh..I don't care'' why?This happens a lot to me and,I think with you it's the same.I hate my life ,too.when I'm at school,I want to be at home,on my bad,thinking about myself....In the most of the time,I thought it was my fault..maybe I can't relate to this,you know...but I think just because we are different,kids just...don't like us.But you're not alone.We are not alone.
I'm not really sure what to say either. I'm really sorry about your Uncle, its incredibly hard when you loose someone dear to you, i know that from experience. But i totally see where you're coming from about the other school. Some kids are self involved, riteous idiots, and its been difficult for me to find a nische at school. Its hard, i know that, but once i read twilight, everything was made clear. I feel like i am like Bella in a way, mediocre in every way, no real talents. I always skip to the quote 'no one gives awards for reading books' if i'm feeling low, because its completely true. I can get so lost in a book i loose reality utterly. But, don't worry, every thing will fall into place, one day. Hey, you might even meet your Edward.
I'm sorry for you because of your uncle :(

by the other thing i exactly know what you mean... i just lost all my friends because of one fake girl...
and other problems in the family...
i nearly cry every day....but when i read a twilight book i'm soo in to it that i forget every thing. That's one reason why i can't stop reading them all through again and again. it's really like a drug for me hahaha... and when i'm not in to the book i'm watching twilight, New moon or i'm in the internet reading every litle thing about twilight....! i love twilight but i also hope that i soon have my real life back i can't always live in my twilight world...
soo i can tell you that your not the only one that really needs twilight.
I wish you allllllllllllllllllllll the best....
and when you want someone to complaine about things then writte to me and we can complaine about it together hahaha

greezzz Ray

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