this is what i am calling coment coner its is all my fans who wrote coments on the new storm

  1. Twilight Breaking Dawn Era I very much liked your story! Thats very good work! ~Rose~
  2. Twilight Saga Eclipse That is amazing!
  3.  it is great! WOW WOW WOW! I enjoyed it soo much thanks so much :)
  4. Twilight's Amazing This is really good.!(: -nessie♥
  5. Sonya Olivia Priscilla Jah via Dale Flannery guys...pls read. 
  6. Its awesome. Its the fifth book of the twilight saga.
  7. Robert Pattinson's loyal fans i read the story.......................... 
  8. it was beautiful...... didnt end it tho.
  9. Sandra Rush  but from what i red it was pretty good.. I hope your wish comes true ...
  10.  Big hugs and loveing prayers to you :)
  11. Sam Stettner This is very good! You should write more and 
  12. get ahold of Summit or someone!
  13. Sam Stettner I'm on chapter 3. I'm going to read more tomorrow. Off to bed. 
  14. So far it's great! Way better then I thought it would be!
  15. Sam Stettner So far what I've read I loved!!! I like this whole Dale story!!
  16.  It's very good Dale!
  17. Twilight Until We Die (unless your a vampire) it was great!! 
  18. Dale Flannery you read all that in just 45 minutes? 
  19. Twilight Until We Die (unless your a vampire) yes
  20.  Twilight Until We Die (unless your a vampire) it was very good! 
  21. Dale Flannery what do you think would you like it as a movie? 
  22. Twilight Until We Die (unless your a vampire) yes :)!
  23. Edward Cullen's Diary well it was really interesting and good,
  24.  but i think it was moving at a fast pace. and maybe work on a lil bit of the punctuation?
  25.  ur a really great writer, but try not to rush it a bit. anyways, im looking forward to reading more. ~Sierra
  26. Takitoteka Mikaarichishimo Hey Dale :) I've read New Storm and it was awesome.
  27.  did you add some more already? 'cause the last time I've read it was last summer :/
  28.  i would like to
  29. Faye Macek New Storm was great, can't wait for more, please write more.
  30. LisetdeBeer omg i love it
  31. Hellyeahtwihard Robertpattinson  i read your full story. 
  32. i must say its amazing. do u want any help.
  33.  i m on twitter and twilight actors are on it
  34. The TwiHard Twilight Saga Club Hi Dale yeah it is a great book
  35.  i recommend people read it i have and i love ya story ♥ ~ Ms Edward
  36. caroline hemsley   i love it that sounds great, gives a nice comical side to the saga,
  37.  i am 29 n addicted to the twilight saga both the books n the movies,
  38.  i had got the 3 movies for my 12 year old daughter for christmas n watched them myself,
  39.  i loved them so much i went out and bought the books at the beginning of the year and 
  40. i have read them 4 times already , i would definitley love to read another, your idea is great,
  41.  i really hope you succeed with this, id buy it
  42. Bella Evans says   I really like your story!
  43. Team Twilight AUS That's really good... a few grammar and a couple of missing words
  44.  but the story line is really good :) I'm a writer myself.... Awesome :) ~Mrs Pattinson
  45. Symiah Baptiste say  i read it you rock dale!!!
  47. THIS JUST IN FROM ROBERT  Well, u told me about it in the msg u left in my fan page on myspace, 
  48.  I have no time to read it now, 
  49. I just star with the first para. but think that is a good idea
  50. ShelbieLouiseeC...  Wow that was amazing it would be good if you finished it
  51. katiemaewilliam...this is a gr8 story i couldnt stop reading it plz continue it :D :)
  52. Tasha Stemberger  Dale..your book is amazing :)) 
  53. So did you get any idea of what will happend after the book says: Houston we have a problem? 
  54. i'm looking forward to
  55. a friend comented Cheryl Hymer replied "its good , u did a really great job."
  56. EmmyCullen WOW!!!! This BoOk iS aWeSomE!!!!!!!
  57. Scarlet232 Dear Dale, I LOVE YOU!!! Your book is amazing I love it. Dale is an amazing character and brings the cullen's back to life. I Want and need you to continue writing it. What's funny i found this on a twilight fan page on FB at 1:00am and read the book till 7:00am. Since I closed my eyes I've had non stop dreams of my own book with a twilight being the stage.
  58. DanielleDannieR... i think this would make a very good series after the twilight series.....its really good and dale makes a very cool vampire
  59. DawnBuneta i loved this it was great
  60. CelezneDemiGrac... hahahahaha..... what a funny story >,< it made me rolling on the floor and my brother thinks I'm nuts.... hahahahaha
  61. ImMovingToParisHI i'm from facebook 'Kat Salvatore Pitt' you told me to read this, its really good! >.< keep up the good work(: voted
  62. Samantha Conolly says I read, & its a good spin into the whole family....
  63.  that avenue should go on its journey... well done!
  64. LubaPetrovici YES CONTINUE! This is so amazingly written, i mean at first i was skeptical, it wasnt written in the prespective of twilight, but wow , i mean there were times i cried and many times i had such a great laugh. It wasnt predictable yet it wasnt outrageous! i loved it, how will i know if you ever make another one? do you have a facebook page?
  65. Lnation I found this on a FB link. I haven't quite read the whole story yet. But so far like the sense of humor Dale has. Especially with what he has gone through. I am on page 19 so far and will be reading the rest soon. Love how you brought it full circle with baseball. And can toally see Emmet making sure Dale calls Charlie in it. The Cullens meet the Simpsons.
  66. CelezneDemiGrac...I sure like it! I wish twilight saga won't end.... The story is great. I feel like making my own book since I read this. TWO THUMBS UP! ^_^
  67. Sarah Di Giorgio comment on the new storm i have finish reading the story and it is great.....
  68. can't wait to find out how does it finish....will u let me know?
  69. Kenton Maitland says Not bad uh!
  70. Sarah Di Giorgio Says i love it
  71. a fan said about my story this is cool ,he said Hey, finishd new storm!
  72.  Dt was awsome man! U knw i always lov d initial of the series, if it is 
  73. hary potter, most intresting is philospher stone, when it is twylyt saga, d first series, 
  74. But here u brought dt experiance again! Evoking curiocity, inventing a unknown part in d world,
  75.  mystry experiance and al. . . It gets hairs stand on thr roots specialy d last chapter! Nice work.
  76. AlexandraClarkei recieved the book at 1 in the morning. i have been up ever since. so it has been 7 and half hours.since i got it. it is a good book, i wonder what will happen to dale. i wonder if the volturi will take action
  77. against him.i'm also starting to wonder what will happen  the story is very imaginative.
  78. i also keep wondering what problems dale will face. my favorite part was the halloween party. 
  79. i enjoyed it very much. thank you. i hope to hear more on dale. :) 
  80. Guy Douglas Ogan  I really enjoyed the story, very creative...
  81. it will be interesting to see what becomes of his power of invisability
  82.  when the next installment of the story is done. I really loved the Christmas decorations in preparation 
  83. for the party and how true to form Alice's "shopaholic" nature was and I think you had all the 
  84. characters pegged and didn't just dwell on Edward, Jacob and Bella as most writers would be tempted
  85.  to do! I think it could be part of a SM book if she would work with you on it...I know I'd buy it!
  86.  LynDot more pls^^ 
  87. SharynMcGill Haven't read this yet, but can't wait to get into it. Thankyou
  88. CasperLaurel Liked and voted!!!!

Well that's all of them so far if you are now interested in reading The New Storm here is the link or you can check out my blogs on this site, thank you and i hope you enjoy it

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