I lay there in my bed. Thinking, when was the last time the sun stop shining? I mean does California have to be so sunny?
I finally get up. “Kendra! Wake up!” I yell, “I’m coming, jeez sometimes I wonder why mom ever named you Moon.” She said in a very sour tone. Our parents died while camping, they were mauled by a bear. Mr. P**** Boots walks into the room. (He is my cat but her looks like a cougar; he is huge and has jet black fur) He looks smug, as usual. I got ready for school in such a blur I feel like Bella
Cullen. (After she became a vampire.) I run down stairs and grab my bag. Kendra looks at me “Nervous Much? You are starting 11th grade.” She smiles like it is a joke.
“Well your starting middle school” I say, she shivers. I smiled while her aura turns to a worried aqua. I laugh as she grabs her bag and walks slowly to the door. I grab own my bag and run to the door. After she was gone I grab my car keys while gulping down some
Orange juice. I run outside and jump in my car. I drive toward the school. I see a cat on the road. I dodge it but slam into a tree. I scream out in pain and see blackness. Oh God, I’m dead. I’m dead. I sit in blackness. I try to scream but nothing comes out. I hear some voices. Actually just one. I open my eyes slowly and look around. I see Rowan and his huge mansion in the huge community. The richest, most beautiful, and most popular boy in the whole school. All the girls liked him ever since he came to our school six months ago. Every girl except me. He also tried to convince me to
Cut class and go to a casino with him for the rest of the day. When I turned him down, he started flirting with the most popular girl in class, Mary. She was so mean to everyone. She had a click. But as I look up into his brown eyes, he smiles and my stomach goes weird. “Hey,” he says “I found you by the tree and thought you were dead…” I flinched. “I need to tell you something.” He looks so serious it scares me. He tells me I’m immortal. He tells me he is also and the things I need so I
Don’t die. “So instead of blood or a special red drink, I have to drink water with ground up crystals?” I ask. He just nods. “How long has it been?” I ask. “A few days.” He says. He strokes my cheek and his hands are so strong but gentle. He looks at me as I sit up. “What happened to Kendra?” I ask. “She is living with your aunt now.” He smiles. I can’t help but smile back. He leans over and cups my head in his hands. He is so going to kiss me. His aura turns to a happy purple. He kisses me. I laugh and kiss him back. He murmurs, “So I’m your boy friend now? Right?” I smile and nod. “Yes.” I sigh and sit in his lap.” I think we should get to
School,” He says. “I don’t want you to be late.” I smile, “Okay.” Our fingers intertwine as he walks to his red 2003 Ferrari Enzo Coupe. As he drives I can’t help but smile at him. When we arrive, Mary looks shocked. He leans down and kisses me.
Mary makes noises. “Um, stop kissing my boy friend right now you freak.” She smiles at him and reaches up to kiss him as she pushes me away. He pulls away and takes my hand while shaking his head and walks away. He smiles at me and kisses me again while sending me messages in my head as I send messages to him.
As we separate, going to different classes we still communicate. (This is just like evermore! So cool!) I use my physic powers to hear all the answers. Mary turns around and mouths the words I’m stealing him from you she smiles evilly and turns around. After class ends we go to lunch. Instead of sitting with my best friends Jason and Elizabeth, we sit together. When no one looks the whispers “I love you” and he kisses my ear. “I love you to.” He sets his hand on my knee and squeezes it. As the class bell rings, Mary comes over to us as we reach the door; she tries to trip me while she sets her hand on Rowan’s shoulder. He shakes her off and catches me. He smiles and says to me, “I love you.” He kisses me while she gapes at us.

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KOOL!!! r u going 2 right more??? :D
i loove it! :)

NIc3 Story :)

---> ayzan Cullen <3

Tayla-Marie Car said:
KOOL!!! r u going 2 right more??? :D
i dont think im writing anymore..just got a new computer and lost EVERYTHING!
Sorry :/

Grace_loves_squirrels ♥ said:
i dont think im writing anymore..just got a new computer and lost EVERYTHING!

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