1.What would happen if a vampire bit a werewolf?

2. What would happen if a vampire and a werewolf has a baby? For example, Leah and Jasper.

3. In the first book, when James' calls and he tells Bella exactly what to say, couldn't Jasper and Alice hear what he was saying through the phone? If vampire's could hear heartbeats and all that, wouldn't they be able to hear James over the phone?

Thanks :]

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1-vampire venom is a poison for werewolf they can die its explained on breaking dawn ^^

2-i think they would give a half werewolf and half vampire , the skin of teh vampire but with a heart and teh strenght and mental capacities of a werewolf

3-i dont think they were next to her in the book they were in different part and alice tought she was talking to edward so she gave her privacy
Oh yeah. I thought the first question I asked was explained in Breaking Dawn. Thanks :)
1 & 2: I agree with Bouclette

3: I think the book and movie were similar at that point: Bella was alone in the room, and Jaz & Alice had gone downstairs to check out--they had just found out James had figured out the trick and Alice intuited that James was on the way to Arizona, so they had to get away from there.
1&2 i agree with Bouciette and 3 i agree with Morgaine Chya
okie dokie i might not be correct but oh wells fun to do these things :D

1. It noted in the book,breakingdawn, that renesmesee bites jacob all the time and it was fine because she wasnt venomicated and that "vampire venom" is actually uhh poisionificated to warewolves. it can kill them :O
2. Okay i dont reall get you here...you mean WHAT IF leah and uh jasper have kids? ...together?
i dont even want to think of it...but ERR *shudders* but if your wondering if leah has kids...im guessing she wont until she stoppes phasing,again noted that shes on mentsual thingy pause....
3. now this be a very goood question...even if alice and jasper DOES give her privacy...
wouldnt alive have foreseen james calling? or see bella try to run off? i mean rofls bella got the time to write out her little letter to edward and plan it all out . funny
I do not think a vamp and dog would want to have a baby anyway i mean the dos stink
ok the third question I was wondering about as well, I was wondering as well why alice didn't know what bella was going to do since she had changed the course she was on and went to meet James at the studio. Maybe that was why she saw the ballet studio in the first place. Btu if that is so then why did Jasper and Alice try to stop her from going. ??? Things that make ya go HUMMMMMMMMM
wouldn't it be funny if there was a vampire-were wolf??? they'd be like 'eew! i stink!' and other people would be like no you dont!

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