I´ve written a few stories about the twilight characters :) what do you think of them? Do you like them? :) Give me your opinion :)

1. story: The anniversary of Jasper and Alice

It was an ordinary day in Forks. It has been raining heavily and the sky was dark as always, almost. But there were to beings who were looking forward to this day for so long. Jasper and Alice. Their next anniversary was today. When Alice got up Jasper wasn´t in the room already.
“Where is he?”
She said for herself. She went downstairs, where the rest of the family was.
“Have you seen Jasper?”
Nobody answered. Obviously they knew something what Alice shouldn´t. Alice closed her eyes and concentrated, if she would see what is Jasper doing.
“Alice, don´t.”
Esme´s voice has woken Alice from her visions.
“I want to talk to him. Tell me where he is.”
Silent again.
“He won´t be here until evening. Don´t try to find him in your mind.”
Alice´s voice sounded angry. She went upstairs to her room.
“´Til evening? Has he forgotten about our anniversary? What can he be doing now, when I need him to be near me?”
The sudden sadness in Alice´s heart was almost unbearable. She lied down on the bed. Tears overflow the edge of her eyes. A few minutes passed. Someone knocked on the door.
“Alice, can I come in?”
It was Edward. He heard what is Alice thinking and wanted to prove her wrong.
“Leave me alone. I don´t want to talk to anybody.”
“Ok, if you don´t want to let me in, so just listen. Jasper didn´t forget about your anniversary, but I can´t tell you more. You can be sure, he is thinking of you in this moment too. Just wait until evening.”
Alice was silent. She didn´t move. Not a single sound which could Edward hear. He was just standing in front of the door.
“Come in, please.”
Alice´s voice sounded silent.
“What´s wrong Alice? You´ve never had doubts about Jasper´s feelings. You know that he loves you more than everything in this world.”
“I don´t really know, Edward. I just want to be near him and he is not here. That makes me mad. I know that this day is special for him too, but we used to be the whole day together and now, I´m sitting here with you, the time is moving so slowly, that I hardly realize that I should wait for another fives hours. It´s killing me.”
“Be patient Alice, it would be worth it.”
Edward winked. Alice didn´t say anything more.
“I´ll leave you alone now. But stop thinking about Jasper for one single moment.”
Then Edward left the room. Alice was still sitting on her bed with her head in hands. Not getting rid of a strange feeling that something is happening with Jasper. The time passed by, the time has come, the evening was here. Another knock on Alice´s door.
“Come on Alice, it´s time for you.”
She opened the door.
“Time for what?”
She was looking at her brothers in a surprise.
“Don´t ask. Your waiting has finally an end. Just come with us.”
Edward and Emmett took her to the waterfall.
“What should I do here?”
“Goodbye, Alice.”
She screamed, but they were already gone. Alice looked around. The moon lightened the waterfall and the meadow around. The waterfall flowed into a small lake under it. Alice was just standing there and waiting. Suddenly someone hugged Alice from behind and pulled her closer to him.
“I apologize for letting you wait for so long, my dear.”
It was Jasper. His voice was soft and calm.
Alice whispered.
“Come with me.”
Jasper took Alice to a cave behind the waterfall. There were candles burning. Everywhere were leaves of roses, different colors.
“You are welcome to cave of love, Alice.”
“I´m speechless, honey. Thank you so much.”
Alice came closer to Jasper, gently putting her arms around his neck.
“I love you so.”
She whispered in his lips. The kiss was never ending. Jasper pushed Alice closer and closer against his body, giving the kiss necessary deep and sweet.
“Alice, I have something special for your. Please, close your eyes.”
Jasper moved behind Alice and buttoned a necklace on her neck.
“Now, open your eyes.”
Alice looked at the necklace. It was made of silver and the tag was a crystal tear. On the tear was written:
“The love I feel, is like this tear. So beautiful and endless. I belong just to you. YOU´RE FOREVER IN MY HEART. Jasper.”
Tears started flowing down Alice´s face. She didn´t say anything, just gave Jasper another warm, passionate kiss full of love.
“Alice, you mean more to me, that I could ever admit. You are my world, reason of being. The only one who knows me the best and although my weaknesses you love me. I cannot find the words to tell you how thankful I am for every moment spent with you.”
She interrupted him softly.
“I know what you are feeling, I feel the same. The endless love which brought us together. I love you.”
Jasper took Alice in his arms.
“Let this night be unforgettable. We don´t need to come back until you want to go back.”
Alice hugged Jasper more tightly and buried her head in his chest.
“You decide, honey.”
She smiled at him. The next moment they just enjoyed the present of each other. Closed their eyes and forgotten about the world around them. There were just they. Alice and Jasper. No one else. Alice was smiling all the time, enjoying the time with her only love, she has ever known. Jasper stroke Alice on her cheek.
“I will always be here for you Alice, no matter what would happen.”
“I know.”
She gave him another kiss, followed by his hot rushing kisses. The romance was beautiful. The moon was their only spectator. The night seemed longer than the others. The time stood still for them and is still standing. So they can enjoy the love they feel for eternity.

2. story: Jacob’s dilemma

The sun beams has woken me up from a perfect dream, but nearly unreal. The human or I rather should say half-human girl for who I was longing since her eyes caught mine was in the dream beside me. She loved me the way I am. I got up and thought about the coming day. I should visit Bella and the rest of her family, but I’ve hesitated, cause of her husband. He hated me. It was so obvious, but the will to see Bella and Renesmee again was pushing me forward. Buried in my thoughts I was making my way to the Cullen’s house. I was just a few meters apart from the house when I’ve realized, that there’s a weird silent.
“What happened?”
I’ve run into the house. It was empty. Not a single noise.
“Hey? Is there somebody? Bella?”
But nobody answered. I was worried.
“Where could they go?”
I’ve turned around to leave and then I saw her, standing at the staircase. The reason of my life. The girl who won’t belong to me, ever. RENESMEE. She wasn’t already that little girl, who almost killed Bella. She grew up and was getting prettier with every second. Her chocolate brown eyes were almost hypnotizing me.
“Hi, Jacob.”
She smiled at me. It was hard for me to think clearly when I was near her.
“Hi, Nessie. Where is the rest of the family?”
She was coming slowly downstairs. Each of her moves was unbelievably fluent, so beautiful. She was really like a dream. An unfullfilable dream. This thought made the pain in my inner even bigger. This destroying pain, which I felt already once. I took a deep breath, trying not to think about Nessie´s beauty and the love for her which already grew so big, that it’s almost unbearable.
“They went hunting. They won’t be back until tomorrow morning. So I’m alone now and feeling lonely, a bit.”
“I can stay with you, if you want.”
Sooner than I could realize, what I have said, Nessie hugged me. She buried her head in my chest. My heart started beating like crazy. It almost jumped out of my inner. For this single moment I’ve forgotten that this nearness can’t last. She’s not mean to be for me.
“That would be nice, Jake.”
I smiled. But Nessie didn’t let me go. I was wondering what that could be. Could it be possible for her to fell the same that I feel?
“Nessie? Is everything alright?”
“I don’t know, Jake. I’m so confused. I always took you like my guard, the one who always takes care of me when my parents are away, but I can’t explain what I feel now. And it’s not just thanks for being such a great friend.”
I saw tears in her gorgeous eyes. She was suffering, just the way like I was. I’ve hugged her more tightly. To make her feel, that I’m always here for her.
I sighed. She didn’t make it any easier for me. No matter what tomorrow would be we are here together, alone, in tender embrace. I took her chin in my hand and lifted her head so I could look in her eyes.
“I´ve never imagined, you could feel this way. I wanted to forget what I’m feeling, but it’s impossible when you are with me. Oh, Nessie. If it wouldn’t be so hard.”
Renesmee sighed.
“No, it’s not Jake. I know what you worry about. But as long as I am happy my dad won’t do anything to hurt you. I wouldn’t let him do it.”
I´ve looked into Renesmee´s eyes. My doubts about loving her were slowly disappearing. She gave me the courage to believe that our love has future. Still looking in Nessie´s eyes I was moving slowly to her face. But she didn’t wait for me to kiss her. She chained her lips with mine. The next few minutes the time stood still for us. It seemed that none of us wanted to end the kiss.
“Jake, I love you.”
Nessie blushed. The beautiful pink in her cheeks where the proof of her feelings. I kissed her again.
“I love you too, Renesmee. I wasn’t easy to admit it to myself, but now I’m the happiest person in the whole wide universe.”
I stayed with Nessie whole night. If this night would be the only one, which I´ve spent with Nessie, I would give her my love with every touch, every word I tell her. She nestled to me more closely.
I saw the question in her eyes.
“What’s the matter Nessie?”
“Well, I just think about my parents. I know how much you’ve loved my mom, but I cannot mess with her, right? She told me, that I don’t have to worry. You love me more than her and I feel it too, but how is it possible that you don’t love her anymore?”
She was right, I didn’t love Bella already.
“Nessie, don’t forget that I love you more than I ever loved your mother. You are the reason of my living. I cannot imagine that I would never hold you in my arms again. This thought is killing me. Please don’t doubt about my feelings. I love you since your birth. It’s hard to explain, but it’s my destiny to love you.”
Nessie gave me another of her warm, sweet kisses. This moment couldn’t be more perfect. I didn’t care what would happen when the others would come home. The only thing I had in my mind was Nessie´s happiness and her love. I could feel it in each of her touch, every kiss, every sight of her. Nessie´s breathing got deep. She fell asleep. Even in her sleep she was smiling. The night went so slowly, luckily. I needn’t to care about anything. With Nessie by my side I know I’m able to face everything what would stand between us.

3. story: The nightmare of truth

I knew that this would happen one day, but I´ve never expected that it would be so early. The worse nightmare of my vampiric life. It was a sunny day in Forks, so we all stayed at home. Just Jake and Nessie went out to the forest. I hate the time when I have to hide myself. We were sitting in the living room, when suddenly Alice jump on her feet and stared in nowhere.
„Alice, what´s wrong?“
„Charlie, he´s coming here, now.“
What? My dad is coming here so unexpected and we wanted to go hunting. We all are thirsty. I don´t want to imagine what would happen when dad would come here. Edward saw my worried sight.
„Don´t worry love. We can control ourselves until Charlie lives. I promise.“
I could trust Edward, but what about Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie? They are so thirsty that they won´t mind whose blood would they drink and now my dad is coming. I could already smell him.
“Aaaaaah, can you smell that? A human is coming.” Rosalie giggled.
“Rose, you won´t hurt Charlie. He´s Bella´s father, a part of our family. Don´t forget that.”
Carlisle seemed to be the calmest of us. I was trembling strongly. I had just only one thought in my head. TO KEEP CHARLIE SAFE, no matter what would it cost. I heard Charlie´s car stopped in front of our house.
“He is here.” Rosalie smiled with a devilish smile.
“ROSE. DON´T DARE.” I screamed.
I run out of the house and hugged Charlie strongly.
“Hi dad, I´m so glad that you are here.”
“Hi Bells. Are you ok? You look so pale.”
“I´m alright dad. Don´t worry.”
“How did you know I´m coming? You run out of the house like you would be waiting for me.”
I couldn´t tell Charlie the truth so I conceived a small lie.
“I felt it. You are my dad, so I know when you are coming.”
I smiled at him. But it seemed that Charlie wasn´t satisfied with my answer.
“We could smell you.”
A familiar voice rang out from the house. The others went out as well.
“What? Bella tell me finally, what is here really going on. You say you are OK, but your skin is pale white. You never had such black eyes. I´m not stupid Bells. This is really weird. A week ago I called you to come for a visit. It was a beautiful sunny day. You always loved sun, but you refused coming.”
I turned my back to Charlie. It´s over. I have to tell him the truth. Tears started running down my face. I never expected that I would cry again, even when I´m a vampire.
“The truth is scary and unbelievable dad. I really don´t know if you wanna hear it.”
“I do. Why are all of you staring at me?”
Sooner than I could realized Rosalie was standing between me and my dad.
“Cause we are thirsty.”
I pulled Charlie to me, so Rosie couldn´t attack him.
“Bella you are one of us. How can you betray our family?”
Rosalie was furious. I was one of them, but Charlie was still my dad and no matter what happen now, I would protect him. Edward came to me, ready to help me when it would be necessary. Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and Alice were beside me as well. Just Rosalie and Jasper stood against us.
“Why don´t you go hunting Rose and let my dad be. It´s not important whose blood you would drink.”
I looked at her. She didn’t like what I´ve said. It was almost impossible for her to control herself. Then suddenly Jasper put his hand on Rosalie´s shoulder.
“Rose, look. Let´s go hunting and let Bella and the others be. I know how do you feel, but remember who you are. We aren´t like the others, we are better. And first of all WE ARE NOT MONSTERS.”
I was impressed by Jasper´s speech. He was on MY side. It was so wrong to think that he would attack my dad. Rosalie turned her back to us and run away. She was gone in a second.
“What in the hell was that Bells? I won´t leave until you tell me the truth, even when I would stay here all my life.”
I trembled even more than before. Then I looked in dad´s eyes and called him in.
“If it would be too much for you, just stop me and leave. Ok, dad?”
“I won´t leave. I would listen to the end.”
I took a deep breath even I didn’t need one.
“Well, I´m not a human anymore dad. And it´s unbelievable that I can sit here next to you without hurting you. I tell you the story from the very beginning. When I´ve met Edward, he wasn´t a human already. But I still was. You know about our love and relationship. So I don´t need to tell you. When I was pregnant with Renesmee, Carlisle and Edward didn´t want me to keep her, ´cause she was killing me. She disseised all my strength, ´cause she needed blood from my body too.”
I made a break for Charlie to absorb what I´ve told him now. I looked at him. His face was stoned, I couldn´t figure out what he was thinking.
“He is thinking if that is possible, Bella.”
Edward was sitting next to me and held my hand.
“How do you know what I´m thinking. Nobody can read minds.”
“I do.”
Edward´s voice was silent.
“Charlie, look. I know that is hard for you to believe in what you´ve just heard, but it´s true. I´m a vampire. I already was, when I met Bella. And when Renesmee should be born she broke Bella´s bones. Bella lost too much blood, she would survive if I wouldn´t put my venom in Bella´s veins. It´s complicated. But try to understand that I´ve done it just ´cause I wanted to save her.”
The silence which followed after Edward´s speech was unbearable.
“Dad, say something, anything.”
“You´ve chosen this life, but you´re still my daughter. I have to live with what you are now. But you can always come to visit me Bells. I won´t surrender you.”
I was shocked. I´ve never expected Charlie would take the news that I´m a vampire so easy and relaxed.
“Are you hungry, Bella?”
“Well, I would rather say thirsty, but don´t worry. We are not like the others. We drink just the blood of animals.”
Charlie smiled at me and locked me in his caring embrace. I felt that I could count on him, no matter what would be. Carlisle and the others came back. Rosalie sat down next to my dad.
“I´m sorry Charlie for what happened when you came. I didn´t hunt for a week so I was starving. I swear it won´t happen again.”
“Don´t worry Rosalie, I can understand you.”
The atmosphere in the house was really relaxed. As if we were all humans. It got dark and Jacob with Nessie came back.
Nessie jumped on Charlie´s lap.
“Hi, Nessie. Gosh, you grow so fast.”
“Well, that´s cause she´s a half-human and a half-vampire dad. She is also immortal like we are.”
Jake was just standing there with shocked expression on his face.
“Bella, you didn´t tell him the truth.”
“I did Jake. Everything´s fine.”
It was true. Charlie was sitting in our house knowing that we all are vampires with no fear.
“Ok kids, I have to go home. It was nice to see you all. See you soon.”
I accompanied Charlie to his car. He was silent, but with a smile on his face.
“Dad? Aren´t you mad at me, I didn´t tell you earlier?”
“No Bells, I understand you. It´s a big secret and I swear I would keep it after my death as well. I gotta go now. Sue waits for me. Bye.”
“Bye dad. See you soon.”
I was very happy that Charlie understood the truth and beared it so great. I came back into house. With a smile on my face I nestled close to Edward and close my eyes. Even when I didn’t sleep I could dream. Dream, about beautiful eternity with Edward, Renesmee and Charlie as well.

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wow, sound really great and goosebumps!
I know, but I made this little excuse to my stories ... :) I´m glad you like them :)

Alice cullen said:
dont get me wrong i loved the stories...... but i did have one little problem with it.... vampire arent supoosed to cry
Thank you a lot Alice I really aprecciate your opinion, well I started writeng a FanFiction novel about the twilight characters, but I have just one chapter, I´ll posti it here so everybody can read it and you as well :) It´s like my own sequel of New Moon :)

Alice cullen said:
i do like them.... they are amazing.. you should choose one.. or all three and make a story off of them... add me as a friend so i can read it.. you're an amazing writer... you could make an amzing story off of these ideas! give it a try!

NeYma said:
I know, but I made this little excuse to my stories ... :) I´m glad you like them :)

Alice cullen said:
dont get me wrong i loved the stories...... but i did have one little problem with it.... vampire arent supoosed to cry
You´re welcome :) I have already post the first chapter here :) as a new discussion :)

Alice cullen said:
very nice... and thank you.. that means alot to me...

NeYma said:
Thank you a lot Alice I really aprecciate your opinion, well I started writeng a FanFiction novel about the twilight characters, but I have just one chapter, I´ll posti it here so everybody can read it and you as well :) It´s like my own sequel of New Moon :)

Alice cullen said:
i do like them.... they are amazing.. you should choose one.. or all three and make a story off of them... add me as a friend so i can read it.. you're an amazing writer... you could make an amzing story off of these ideas! give it a try!

NeYma said:
I know, but I made this little excuse to my stories ... :) I´m glad you like them :)

Alice cullen said:
dont get me wrong i loved the stories...... but i did have one little problem with it.... vampire arent supoosed to cry

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