I'll start by picking a name and you'll say what you'll do with the person picked in the closet. After that, pick another person from twilight/cast/movie and it starts over again. Keep it PG13! If it's X rated, then just say X rated. Do not go into details.

I'll start!
I would talk to her. :D


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Mrs. Jasper Hale said:
Jasper is better...in bed.
Oh, how true !!!
If I was with Mike I would prob.shake him and tell him to finally wake up and smell the coffee!! (he seems like such such a flake!)

seth i would be friends, and talk with haha

um jessica haha
if u said jasper is better in bed, how do you know? p.s, MOVE OVER ALICE! IM THE NEW MRS. JASPER!!!!

oh yeah, and i would tell jessica to shut up stop trying so hard and go away

the owner of my heart, jasper
If I was stuck in a closet with Jasper, I would ask him not to make me his next meal =]
If he was cool with that, i'd probably ask him to tell me funny stories of the Cullen Family =]

I'd ask Bella to be my sister and show her a pic of my baby then ask her if she really thinks Edward is all that after she saw him lol!!! I love Edward but he's no where as good as my baby <33333 he he


i would yell he to got a life
i would yell he to got a life .If it as emmett I would kiss and talk he I love he.
u didnt gave a name
well i am gonna say if i was with edward in the closet i will just tell him to tell me some personal things ^^ and kiss him :p

i would tell carlisle to be my next door neighbour, cuz when i was sad, i would go straight to him so he could use his soothing voice, jaspers calming power, and emmitt's big bear hug to make me happy again :)

my (i wish) sister, alice

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