hi everyone.. i was wondering if anyone has seen true blood? Is it any good? or is it just a take off twilight??  whats the storyline without giving too much away? I kinda try and stay away from what i believe are just take off's of other movies but as we are in drought of twilight for quite some time (a whole year) i thought id try and fill in the time..


Any comments welcome negative or positive about the show!



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True Blood is a good show and the books are good as well. It is definitely for an older audience and sometimes it gets a bit too intense as far as the sex and gore. I think it is much different that Twilight; I still like the twilight series the best. I just watched the last episode of season 3 and all I am going to say is now I should read the books again to pick up the little details I missed. Enjoy if you decide to watch or read True Blood; Eric is my favorite.
I hate to be negative but I don't like True Blood, as I told my parents it is the twilight porn edition. These vampires cry blood, drink some blood in beer bottles, have king and queens of the vampires, the king is from Mississippi and the queen is from louisiana. They have a lot of sex, so no one under the recommended age should watch it, the men have fantasy of being with each other, it is silly and stupid, they even have a red truck like Bella's in the show.
TAKE OFF!! vampires and now wolfs!! anything else they want to steal??

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