I have noticed some similarities between Twilight and True Blood.. Just wondering if anyone else noticed, here's some I have noticed;

1. Both Sookie and Bella have mental "powers" Bella with her sheild and Sookie can hear thoughts (like edward)

2. Sookie and Bella had the same car

3. There is shapeshifters/wolfs in both

4. Both Sookie and Bella are wanted by another person other than who they are with (Eric and Jacob)

5. They both have human blood substitutes

If anyone can think of anymore.. share them! lol

Although True Blood is good, Twilight is so much better imo!

Also share your opinion on True Blood.. Do you think twilights better? :)


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* The main vampire is trying to sustain himself on something other than human blood

In True Blood Sam talks about imprinting. Which is also in Twilight

True Blood - Sookie Stackhouse can hear the thoughts of everyone in her town accept for vampire Bill Compton.

Twilight - Edward is a vampire can hear everyones thoughts accept for human Belle's.

Both shapeshifting characters are in love with the main character (Jacob loves Bella, Sam loves Sookie)

Kat you basically just copied what I said but changed the wording.  apart from the inprinting thing but thats different to the twilight inprinting. and why did u need to use 4 comments why not type it on 1? :l

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