Do You want Twilight Cast to come to the UK?
most of us here wud probably say yes but if they came wud you travel to see them Yes or No? wb x

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yeah i would def go and see them if they came the uk, but its all happening in america so i guess we'll lose out again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats the part i hate bout living somewhere small (as well as the weather) cuz ur unknown but i though robert wud ave at least came but ahh well guess were r not that lucky!!! x
p.s thanks for replying i have just joined LOL x
i would lov to see the cast in the uk.i think it would be mint and id defenitly try to go and see them and i now my mom would jump at the chance to see guy that plays jacob black she like so fanceys the pants off him lol. and u would think that rob would come at least but i gess not. it would be cool if thay did come though
I Would Deff Get Down To See The Twilight Cast If They Came To The Uk! Would Probs Be On My Own Tho None Of My Friends Understand My Obssesion! I Have No One To Talk To It About!! lol
Yeah i would definitely try to go see them, but even if they did they would just go to london and i think it would be totally better to go somewhere thats like in the middle of the UK, and i really would have thought that Robert would have come because he's from here but i suppose we are not that special.....we miss out.....AGAIN!
HELL YESSS!i was VERY dissapointed when only ashley greene kallan lutz and cant remember who the other person was,so i didnt go.if Robert would have been there,i would have deinitely have gone.It really depends where they would be great if they came to london :)

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