And demand that Stephanie write more books! :)

To that end I propose starting an online petition to ask Mrs. Meyer to do that. Anyone else game?


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I want her to finish Midnight Sun( bcuz its amazing I've read what she has on it on her website and i want more) and then create the other 3 books but in Edwards version too, wouldn't it be awesome we could hear everyones thoughts in all the books!!!!!! Besides I really want to see everything he did during New Moon when he was away......I mean Stephenie just give a little detail into it and I wanna be able to be with him every step of the way!!!!!!! Have you read the out-take in New Moon on her website where Alice and Bella go shopping it really lets you see more of Alice and makes you love her even more. And then theres the collage fund out-take where Edward sets up this fake collage fund thing and wires like 25 thousand into her banking acount and then for every month for the rest of her life he'd put in like 5 thousand more or something like that, but of course Bella's not believe it and she doesn't want his money. So she pulls out all her money but leaves his and closes the account. I could go on but if your interested you should read it yourself =)
The scuttlebut I was told today by a librarian at the library is that she is not going to write/finish Midnight sun.

Hence my call for an online petition. :lol:
I would love 4 stepahie myer to finish writting midnight sun i already read what she put on her website and it was so good i read it like in three days because i had school. but i loved the way it explained the way edward felt about bella in the begning and then so fell in love with her even though alice saw what was coming for him and bella but he didint want to believe it at all he said that he would change the future that way bella could be safe and it made me love him more when he barelly knew her and was willing to protect bella from jasper when he wanted to kill her it . I also like the way u see what edward was thinking, and also u get to see what alice, jasper, emmett, esme , and carlisle thought about all this and so please stephanie myer please release the rest of midnight sun I dont think I can live with out it im dying to know how edward felt in all three other books too not just twilight and( P.S) by the way does anyone know when she is releasing the complete guide to the twilight saga book im dying to add that to my collection.:)
and she cant say that she dont have any material...they are immortal!!...duh...
if j.k.rowling can write 7 books about HP,sephenie must write at least one more....
She is going to finish midnight sun but not until the movies are finished but she said that she is waiting until the hype from the movies die down so i wouldn't look for it until Breaking Dawn comes out on DVD.

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