Y iz twilight so addictive tell me y u think so

I think iz cz of Rob and Taylor

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I can tell you right now why it's so addictive and it's NOT because of a superficial meaning like Robert and Taylor, although they are wonderful people, but that's a different world. It's because of the way that Edward loves Bella. We all have that longing to feel like we matter inside of us. God put that there, so we'd find him. And Edward represents that pure, self-sacrificial love that we all need to know exists. This is not a gothic story at all. It's a story of light, redemption, and pure love. I believe that God is using it to reach the youth, to get the message across that they do matter and that they can make the right choices. It makes you feel satisfied when you read Twilight or are in deep thought about it, doesn't it? Yes, well that's why. I know a bunch of other people are going to post in this discussion that it's because of shirtless Jacob, or shirtless Edward, or how hot Edward is...etc..etc. But that's not it, I can tell you that right now. Twilight has changed lives. It's even said to give girls a reason to live. What other book series has done that? Twilight is definitely something more than it's masked to be by Hollywood and shirless guys. I'm glad I got to this discussion first. you're welcome. :)

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