okay, so i know this is not an original idea. and it probably won't even come close to anyone else's attempts, but i started doing this coz i wanted to and i enjoy it.
it's a working progress i'll update as i write so, keep checking my page for the next bits when i've done them please adn let me know what you think, it will be much appreciated
oh and one more thing, i know not much happens in this bit but i really thought it would be better to not just jump straight into the action.
HERE GOES (: ...

As the Olympic peninsula mountain range flew past us a strange thrill ran through me, I was coming home. Home, it’s funny how only two years ago I thought of the small, rain-encapsulated town known as Forks, as my own personal hell. Two years ago travelling down this very road I was exiling myself, doomed to an endless sentence of self-pity.
Before taking a sideways glance at the beautiful statuesque husband of mine, I already knew the reason why I became to love my time in Forks.
“Are we nearly there dad?” The high-pitched trilling voice of our daughter asked.
“Almost love, if you look straight ahead you will see the first few houses” I saw my favourite crooked smile play around Edward’s lips at Renesmee’s choice of words, he had taken to fatherhood as easily as I was taking to vampire life and I just knew how happy it made him when she called him dad.
“Where, I can’t see a thing!” Jacob’s husky voice complained, sounding very tired and impatient
“Well sure your eyes won’t be able to see it yet, dog!” Edward joked. I loved how comfortable we had all become now, it was not as if the werewolf-vampire lines had been blurred, but as if they never existed. Jacob was just Jacob, my best friend, Edward loved him as family also. And Renesmee, well she is completely besotted with him. Since her birth they have been practically inseparable. And strangely enough, I have come to accept it, I know that when she is old enough she will marry the most perfect partner, who would lay his life down for her and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Oi, I’d rather chew a bone than guzzle the blood!” Jacob teased, and Edward swerved his head a fraction just in time for Jake’s russet hand to swat the air where Edward’s head had been, pushing a wave of Jacob’s burning scent my way, sure I loved Jacob but being enclosed in a small car with his canine scent I did not love!
The pitter patter of the rain began to increase as we pushed further into the town, I had not missed the rain, as we had moved to a place with only a fraction less downpour per year, but I missed the way it fell from the deep green leaves here. The way it caressed the soaked moss on the rough trunks. And the way that, though we were enclosed in the constant moisture, it was beautiful when it bounced off every moss covered surface and different plants of all shades of green.
Soon enough I spotted the rusty faded red of my vintage, not old, chevvie pick-up truck. Though it really was hard to miss as it stood, a constant monument to, not only the beautiful craftsman ship of fifties cars, but to my human high school days, next to Charlie’s cruiser.
Jacob spent most of last summer teaching me how to fix up cars so I could enjoy the past-time with Edward and it had been my pet project. I was delighted when I finally got it running but soon realised that it really was frustratingly slow and reluctantly returned to my ostentatious Ferrari.
Jacob was out the car and stretching, with Renesmee hanging off his right arm, before Edward had cut the purring Volvo. I think he was trying to show off his strength as his pulled up his biceps with the body of a 6 year old that belonged to my 2 year old daughter, clinging to it. He really should have known better in this company, I took a half second to scoot round the front of the car and plucked her with my left hand, whilst she continued to giggle raucously. I held her there effortlessly, tickling her toes while Edward took our bags out of the car. I had to stop this joyous moment though when I heard the door swing open and my father’s gravelly voice announce our arrival “hey kiddo!” he shouted. As I quickly rearranged Renesmee to be perched on my hip and cradled by both arms.

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omg if u dont write more i swear..... i'lll die of twi-deprivation. this is just like stephenie. and i envy you for that. i still cant quite get y style like hers im good just not as good. i really should write a fitfth but im working on my own vamp story. ill post it here when im done.thx soooooooo much for posting. i love it!!!
this is sooooo good!!!!! i love it!!!!
you need to write more!!!! send it to my email!!!
WOW!!!!!!!!!I LOVE IT PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you write more email me at hannaht1997@bellsouth.net
You should become an author!!
that was amazing! you sounded just like Stephenie!
I think if you write more, people would read them because they are so good.
if you do send to my email:
i love it people make their own fifth book, this is really good! keep writing! :)
omg u need to write more this is amazing its like Stephenie Meyer wrote it herself! :O
write more write more!
this is really good can;t wait to hear more x
This. Is. Incredible! I also Love it when people write their own fifth book and your writing is SO much like Stephenie's it's just amazing. Keep writing PLEEEAASSSEEE for the sake of my sanity! haha
Oh wow, That was Really good! I want to read more!
I really like it! I can't get enough of Twilight and your writing style is well....really good. You should keep writing, and btw thanks!!!!
ohhh wow thats really good. u defiantly have to write more!!! XD

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