no matter how crazy ridiculous or silly ur confession of how much u love twilight might seem to people who are stupid and dont like twilight ,tell it on here to let us know how obbsessed we all are:D

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haa sar,, i do exactly the same, exept i say Taylor propsed, m mates are like who's that haha.. im like, you know taylor my boyfriend, well fioncee now haa xx

Mrs W'G Lautner*♥ said:
i wear a ring on my wedding finger and when people ask, i tell them Jacob proposed to me :D, He is totally perfect! ♥
I buy every mag I can find with any twilight actors, even tenny bopper mags, I'm not in my teens, far from it. But I keep them all at work in my desk. I don't want to admit I spend that much money on mags, and would never want my hubby to think I am obsessed with twilight to the extent that I am. I hold back a lot when I'm around my family but they still think I'm obsessed, but they just don't know the half of it.
I keep mags and work and home and pictures of Rob in my wallet and every morning I blow him a kiss...If I'm having a stressful time at work, I open what we call the "yummy drawer" that has the sexy stars of twilight mags in it, and just take a few seconds to look and sigh and run my fingers in his hair , or my fingertip down his jawline.....Makes my day all better.... I read the books whenever I need an escape.....things are not so great in my real life right now, so Twilight is my "alternate reality", a place where I can go and feel good. (and I'm waaaaayyyyyy past the age to be kissing pictures)
well i dont even know how to explain my obsession i can spot anything Twilight Miles away & I can hear it miles away too! I make everyone i know call me annuh cullen at first theyre like whatever but they end up calling me it! & i even slapt one of my best friends for saying she was Mrs. Edward Cullen but idk why i guess its just my twilight instincts or its just my ODC (obsessive cullen dissorder)
i have "the lion and the lamb" engraved into the inside of my class ring.

and when i went to the new moon premier the theater had special new moon cups
and after we sat through the credits and people left i went up and down the isles collecting cups.
i have like 7 edward cups, 3 bellas, 1 jacob, and 4 or the three of them.
my purse was stuffed with them. i have a whole shelf in my dish cabinet of just new moon cups
and i dont let ANYONE but myself use them.
no, you arent't.....just obsessed like the rest of us....and thats OK!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Renee Hale said:
If I randomly think about particular events in any of the books, I have a total breakdown. And I have moments where, in my my own little world...I pretend that I'm Alice. And Jasper is all mine. And I actually carry out the conversations in my head. lol I'm sad, I know.
I've never in my life wanted a tatoo, but I am seriously considering getting one...I think "twilight" with a little apple picture, since thats what started it all.....

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