Hi my name is Linda McCarry - I am a student in my final year in Creative Digital Media in ITT Dublin. I am doing my Thesis on “Deconstructing the Vampire Myth: The Case of Twilight”. I am looking for how fans are reading into this new phenomenon of Twilight and what makes it so appealing. If you could take the time to answer a few questions im on a bit of a deadline its due by April 30th and you don’t have to give your name just your gender and age if that’s ok. It will only take a couple of minutes.


1)      So what is about Twilight that appeals to you most?

2)      Would you like to live in a small town like Forks, if you don’t already do?

3)      Which team would you pick Team Edward or Team Jacob and why?

4)      Did you think young female girls like or dislike the character of Bella Swan?

5)      What is the most outrageous thing you’ve done to show your love and admiration to Twilight?

6)      Have you ever used Twilight as a basis for a party you were having, or fancy dress, Halloween or a school or college project?

7)      Do you believe in the fantasy love that Bella and Edward share?

8)      Do you prefer the films or the books in the Twilight series?







ht Survey Questionnaire:

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1).The story.It's something that makes you want to live it,or just to see it 'cause even when you just heard about it ,you're already emotional.That happens to me.
2).No,I don't want to live in Forks,just to see it once(it's enough for me)
3).Team Edward because I think the way he loves Bella it's hard to beat.He would never hurt her!
4).Personally I like Bella Swan and I don't find any reason that other girls wouldn't do the same thing.But I'll be too naive if I'll think that so I would say that some of them like Bella,and the other don't.
5).I've cried when I first saw The New Moon movie.
6).Yes,at my english club from my school and at my drawing time at school(I've draw a lot of portraits and stuff).
7).I dream about that :)) but I don't believe that you can live the true love like them.
8).The books.
oh and I've read on your page that I have to leave my age and grade.
well..I'm 13 but when I first read twilight(and I've watched the movies) I was 12.
Now I'm in the 7th grade.
!.the fantasy
3.Team edward because he is very romantic and devoded to bella
4.yeah because they think she is really weird
5.saying every single line from every single character to my friends
8.the books because they are more detailed,more funny,has more scenes, you really get into bella's mind,and because you can imagine it your way.
Here's answers from a mildly uninterested in twilight guy:
1. the fandom I guess...
2. If it's not literally in the middle of Nowhere.
3. Team Me. Because I find myself as awesome.
4. Pssh, young=rabid, older (20-ish) hate her. XD
5. Annoyed a friend that burning twilight is meaningless (yes, I stop anti-twilight jerks if I can, hope you're happy!)
6. Nope.
7.Maybe, because it's bland & basic to me. : /
8. books, movies based on ANYthing suck more than the original material.
It's not spam, it's.....one to grow on.
Name is Sally and I am 36yrs old and work in Early Childhood Field
1. The Characters and how they interact with each other
2. I think i would like to live in a small town, they seem to have a lot charm
3. Team Edward he just is perfect and the way he would do anything for Bella
4. I believe that most young girls and woman can identify with Bella in some way, which is why she is liked so much
5. I constantly talk and quote the books and the movies
6. No
7. yes i do believe in it, but i feel that you are extremely lucky if you do find it.
8. I enjoy both for what they are the books because they have so much more details in the, the movies as they give us the visual appearance of characters and places
1.Vamps n Werewolves the whole mythical thing
2.Yes, i would if vamps lived there
3.Team jacob because he's warm and less life threatening
4.I think they wish they were in her place
5.Screem my head off in the cinnies when the trailers for it came on when i was watchin vampire assisstant
6.HELL YEAH! pyjama party, halloween whooo!!!!!
7. Yeah, just not got there yet
8. Books, there more descriptive but films coz there nothin better than taylor taking his top off

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