Okay so I was watching the People's Choice Awards and I so thought that Twilight was gonna dominate. Then We didn't get to see them to the very end. Also my question is "How did Kristen when for Best Actress and totally get looked over for the Star Under 25 thing. I think Hollywood is tired of award shows turning into the Twilight Awards. I also think that Taylor or Rob should have won Best Actor. (No disrespect to Johnny Depp) What are you guys thoughts, anyone else think it was rigged?

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Yeap I'm with you I think that Rob should of won either Best Actor or Under 25 I mean come on Zac Efron Won!!! But I'm glad that 1 of the 3 Won something plus they Won for Best Movie & Best Screen Team!!
i think rob or taylor didn't get the award because of team edward or team jacob. what i want to say is that twifans were separated cause we had 2 options...if there was only rob or taylor they would win..but i love johnny depp..he also deserves the award
hmm i think RTob or Taylor deserved that award...
yet Johnny Depp is a great actor too (this comes from someone who doesn't like potc, and thinks Johnny Depp its the only good actor in it... and doesn't consider him as handsome)
I wasn't surprised that Johnny Depp won. He is VERY popular. (I normally would have voted for him myself.) As for the star under 25 I was SHOCKED that Zac Efron won. I think part of it was both Kristen & Rob were nominated & you probably had fans split on who to vote for. (I was but ended up voting for Rob.) Plus there are A LOT of Twiligh haters out there. I signed up to vote for the PCA's (ANYONE CAN SIGN UP & VOTE!! IT'S FREE. NEXT EVERYONE IN THE US SHOULD SIGN UP!!) And when I was on there & read comments from some people A LOT of them were Twiligh haters. And I bet they voted for anyone BUT Kristen & Rob. Same thing w/Johnny Depp beating out Rob & Taylor for best actor. At least they won favorite onscreen team (which I WAS worried about) and fav movie & drama movie.

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