Is it just me or are the producers trying to direct new moon towards a younger age group? First, I hear about Vanessa Hudgens trying out for Leah, then Dakota Fanning for Jane, next I heard Madonna, the Jonas Brothers, and Hilary duff want parts in this too. Not just the soundtrack, but to actually act in the movie as well. Now, I've never been a fan of disney anything, so I'm not pleased at all with the change. If it be the case, I may still see the movie (just because of their original cast.. they picked good for Twilight) but, i certainly won't be buying any merchandise having to do with other characters played by the "disney team". Little kids are going to be more drawn to it because their familiar with these actos and singers because they appeal more to a younger age group. What do you guys think?

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I think .. I wouldn't really like new moon, If the "Disney Team" was in it. It just wouldn't be right
But i think Dakota Could do it. She will be able to pull it off.
But Hilary Duff, And The Jonas Brothers. Likee no way.
They won't be able to act some of the scenes. It will be all wrong.

Signed, Sierra Cullen,
Kisses And Bites
that is kinda ture because it first was high school kids but then it was elementry
Well, I could not agree with you more. Disney is cool and all, but it doesn't belong anywhere near the Twilight Saga. If it helps at all though, the casting director of Native Americans for New Moon posted a blog on her page saying that not only is the rumour about Vanessa JUST a rumour, Leah was not even written into the script of New Moon. She will debut in Eclipse.
No,no,no....i would highly be very pissed if they try to put the Disney happy go lucky characters in Twilight.....i hope they dont think they are going to get another High School Musical thing going.....O GOD will mess up the whole feeling towards Twilight.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha.why not oso let zac efron play sam/aro/harry clearwater and lrt vanessa be the wife???

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