How many of you were Harry Potter fans and now are twiligh fans? Can they co-exist in peace? Why/ Why not?

And how many of you still like Harry Potter?

I have to say I never read Harry Potter.. just saw the movies and I kind of like it... althought I prefer twilight by miles... but I think we can co-exist!

What do you think twilighters?

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Oh I agree, actually my favorite book series is not even the Twilight series, although it does come pretty close, but the book series Artemis Fowl, and I read and seen all the Harry Potter books and movies(except for the ones not out) I love all books and everything about them, so of course I think we can coexist! I am Twilight and a Harry Potter fan!
Well I love the Twilight books!! The Harry Potter books are ok but not as good as Twilight. But personally so far I like the Harry Potter movies so far. I did not like the twilight movie at all.
I loved HP as a kid, and I still do. I love how unique and differnet it is, and I admire J.K. Rowling's imagination. That said, I can't say I ever sqee'd when I saw a HP poster, or added buying everything HP related to my wishlist. I've done all of this when it comes to Twilight thoughl. At the end of the day, I'm both a Twilight and Harry Potter fan, although I do lean towards Twilight more. And besides, I have to be open-minded, or else there would be alot of people with missing teeth by now, all of which have dissagreed with me about the amazingness of Twilight XD (poor, confused people...). And I would never have found out about and read Twilight, if it wasn't for the ridiculous amount of times it was mentioned on Mugglecast. If I hadn't gotten irritated and gone and read it...*shudders* Anyway, I'm sure HP fans and Twilight fans will learn to get along. Or else continue on to sliting each others throats...
Harry Potter was my fav book a year ago but know twilight is WAY better. I still like harry potter though, but not nearly as much.
there shouldnt even be a competition r u serious?! twilight handsdown
I like both of em. Because Robert Played In Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire.
He had awesome acting skills. And Robert Was perfect doing Cedrick in harry potter
When Cedrick died. I didn't cry
But when i first realized it was Robert playing it. I cried for hours. Weird hey?
Whatever Movie That Robert Is In . Is My Favorite
I like HP too, but Twilight is much better, in my opinion. Their both different from one another, so i do see why everyone insists on comparing them. But yeah, Twilight is better.
I like both movies and feel they can co-exist.
i like harry potter a bit more then twilight because its been around for so much of my life already but they are both so well written and the movies, for both, stick pretty close to what actually happens in the book, i totally think they can coexist because they are both really creative and they are both different and unique and the only reason i lean towards hp more is because its been around longer and i've grown accustom to it. if they both came out at the same time i wouldnt be able to choose a series i like more.
Harry has been around longer. But I prefer things written in first person. I like the Harry Potter films but I can't be bothered to read the books. Maybe I should've start at book 1 instead of book 6.
After reading twilight and watching the TWILIGHT movies, i still can say I LOVE HArry potter more. I mean, twilight is good. it will never come out as a movie if it's not good, hey? But HP's written way better than twilight, that is, in my opinion.. WE have different interests, haven't we?
I'm a fan of Twilight and the Harry Potter. And I'm also a fan of Lord of the Rings. *lol* :D My very first favorite fantasy world in which I fell in love was the Lord of the Rings, I love elves. :) Tolkien was a real genius because he create an entire new world and a new language, which he used the finnish language to help in creating a new language. ;) Next, I just fell in love with Harry Potter books, I lived at home at the time. Harry Potter's wizarding world was quite different than Tolkien's the world, and I loved both. :) I've seen almost all the Harry Potter movies, except that some of the latest films. I liked the book and the movies. Then I heard Twilight by my big sister, we watch together the first Twilight movie. Since then I've been a big fan of Twilight and my vampire sparkle! I love all these worlds and characters of similar, everyone is different. :) Today, although my favorite order is: Twilight at first, second Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter on the third.

So, I can live in harmony as well as Potter fans that the Lord of the Rings fans. :D

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