Im a huge twilight for all you other twifans, i want your opinion. Do you think that Vampire Diaries is a better series than Twilight. If so why do you say that???? No Judgement on my part.

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Well umm IDK They may seem a like but they both have different stories! I like both but if i had to choose i would choose Twilight!
I don't think that there is anything that can top Twilight. but than again, I'm fron holland and Vampire Diaries isn't on tv here.
I liked all the vamp series. Buffy, Angel, Moonlight and what I've seen on youtube, vampire diaries. but Twilight is my absolute favorite.
IMHO I don't you can really compare the two. They are the same yes because the hunky vamp guys digs the puny human but that is about it to me. TVD is based on brothers who have a hate/love relationship and just so happen at one point used to be into the same girl. Twilight is just a boy who wants to be loved and happened to find in a one Bella Swan.
I have read all of the books in both Twilight and Vampire Diaries. I really liked both, but Twilight in my opinion is an easier read and the movies are more entertaining than the VD series. I like the VD series and watch it every week, but being a TV series it takes too long to get where it's going, whereas the Twilight movies you get the whole story in one sitting. The last two books of Vampire Diaries were not a easy read for me. Stopped and started alot, whereas Breaking Dawn I couldn't put down. LOL
I like both, but twilight is better! vampire diaries has borrowed heavily from twilight, though!!
Although all the vamp stories are different... the all have something in common. In all the series/movies... opposites attract. There’s always the love between the vamp and the human. Making the impossible possible... let love win... find a way to make it work... And still, I love Twilight. I feel like a teenager again…
Twilight !!!

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