Tonight's interview was just awesome! That guy is so amazing!
Who else listened? What did people think? Anyone else freaking out when listening? :D

I love that dude!

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I thought the interview was awesome! Jackson was beyond SWEET and he did such an awesome job answering all the questions! All the ladies at VAMPRADIO did an awesome JOB!
I got in there like right after he left I think! ugh! i was so upset. Do yall think he will come back on the show?
100 Monkeys might come on for Band Night some time in the future, so you might get to hear him then. And you'll be able to listen to the interview again, they have a list of old shows on their page, so it'll probably be up in a few days.

The girls on Vamp Radio are great! So professional, even if a stress ball was needed, haha! He was so lovely. And he does have an amazing voice; I know so many people were saying so in the chat, but gooood!
Damn they actually did the interview ! I wanted so bad to hear it but I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE CONS because I might go to SF but I WILL BE THERE IN DALLAS ! I can't wait to meet him !
It was a great interview. Jackson was so appreciative. It was also exciting to hear Alison ask Jackson a question! She was a true TwiFan...giggly and excited, just how we'd all be if we had the opportunity to ask him a question!
I love the ladies of VampRadio ! If you guys haven't listened to their show you should ! But I can't wait to hear it when it's podcasted !
It's up now. - Go to Featured Epsiode - Jackson Rathbone. It can be played or downloaded.
I do love that boy. And Alison was awesome! Ahh, it was a great interview, loved it!
Woo thanks so much for the URL! I just subscribed to the podcast.
It's all cool! :)
he is my FAVOURITE vampire out of all of them. jasper is so hot and awesome. jackson rathbone is a really good actor :)

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