I have already posted this as a blog but after seeing every one's responces i was curios to see what everyone else would have to say about it. Every one deserves there ten cents so here is mine.

I have heard a lot of talk on what happened to the "Real Vampire's" like Dracula for instance. Many people are upset with the fact the vampires are no longer portrayed as completely blood thirsty and have a little bit more humanity in them now a days. Why don't we do a retake on the vampire's in history to the one's today.

Vladimir: A human that drank human blood to live eternally.

Dracula: A vampire dressed in a cloak that hypnotizes its pray (usual a beautiful young woman). He could not go out in sunlight in fear of death and was also allergic to garlic, A stake through the heart easily killed him and he could also turn into a bat.

Angelus/Angel: A vampire from the hit series Buffy the vampire slayer he was forced to have a soul after killing a gypsy, He feel in love with the one human that could kill him with out a sweat and now feeds off animal blood. A stake through the heart was the only thing that killed him besides the sunlight.

Spike: Yet another character from Buffy he originally was bent on killing the slayer and had no problem with taking away a human life yet that still didn't stop him from falling for the human Buffy and begging for a soul and now he feeds only on the blood of animals.

Edward Cullen: A vampire that sparkle's in sunlight rather then turn to ash, He refuses to feed off any human blood and only feeds off animals. He feel in love with a normal teenage girl and constantly is fighting the urge to kill her. He never sleeps and doesn’t fear garlic as does the classic vampire’s. His only weakness besides his love for Bella was to be torn apart and set on fire.

    So please tell me what is it that you have noticed in my short recap. With every couple of years the vampire community gains a little bit more compassionate. The so called real vampires have not existed in a very long time they are no longer the creatures that wait in alley ways to lore young women and kill them. So you want to know what I have to say is get over it. Everything changes over time, witches are no longer green and covered in wart’s and no one is complaining about that, Now they are portrayed as strong willed woman that defeat the bad guys. Even werewolves have changed over the years. Things change and that the end of it. That's the way it's meant to be.
    My main point is that humans are adapting as well by no longer thinking that the dark alley's and mid evil castle's are something to be afraid of. We are putting more human qualities into the so called scary monsters in the dark and I personally believe that this means we are finally understanding as a species that the only threat that walks among us is our selves‘.

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