So, what kind of vampire ability/s or gift/s would you like to have????


For example, whether it was Alice, Edward's or Bella's ability or gift or something completely new capability?



I would like to have Bella's ability and gift's, invisible protection shield, so I could protect my family and my friends. And perhaps it would be nice to "see" what kind of mood they are at that moment, something like that if the person is sad I see lot of blue around his/hers head for example. *smile* Or what colour his/hers aura is at that moment. And it would be great to have a healer's abilities and gift's, so that I can improve someone's who has injured. *big smile*




What about you?


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Id have jaspers gift :)
I just love it :D
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well i would love to be even faster than normal as a vampire and
the ability of mind reading and benjamins ability to minipulate the elements
i would like the gift that benjamen has, i think that is his name. anywho i want to control the elements

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