ok so last night i saw vampires suck and personaly i thought it was halarious. i could not stop laughing. and i really liked the ending even though im team switzerland but still it was really good. what are your thought on the movie??

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I could not have said it better my self, totally agree with you!

Rosalinda Cullen (Robstensparks) said:
I was literally warring on whether or not I was going to click on this discussion. But I did. I honestly cannot BELIEVE that someone would go to such great lengths, go out of their way just to insult a story. I mean..that's just insane. When I first hear about it...it was like: "WHAT?" I heard it was pretty funny, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go see it. To me, that's a disgrace to the Twilight Fan code. They're just a bunch of petty, small-minded, jealous, superficial people behind it that are obviously very bothered by Twilight's smooth success. That movie went down the toilet and I knew it would. I hope it wasn't insulting. You guys seem to be all right with it so I haven't let it bother me all that much. I'm fine with it. I'm just really thrown off. It throws you off, something like that. I'm glad it was funny, I'm glad it wasn't bad, but I will NOT see it.
it's an actual funny movie :P
c'mon people, i LOVE twilight but "Vampires Suck"it's a good parody.
i specially loved the part whe Becka said
"Your skin is pale white, you dress fashionably, and you abstain from sex, i know what you are"
"Say it, out loud, say it"
"...Jonas Brother"
(i'm a hardcore Jonas fan... and i found it pretty funny... even though i still wonder why do people have to make fun of them everytime they want to be funny)

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