I just recently watched the Twilight parody, 'Vampires Suck.' It was pretty funny, but only because of the stupidity.But I didn't pay to see it, its not worth the money.

What do you think of the movie, for those of you who have seen it?

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I understand that , i am not saying that you can't think it is funny but i just thought it wasn't so :pJessa said:
I also love the Twilight Saga, but I can still laugh about it!

Twilighter#1;Twilight is my life said:
i saw peaces of it , and i don't think it is funny at all !!! i didn't even just smile ! so i don't know i think for a big part it is because i love twilight whit whole my heart, but just nothing was original ore something like that so ! maybe 1/10 for the effort !!
I saw it already you can find it online...some parts were funny but it wasn't a very good spoof/parody in my opinion of the saga. It was fun for laughs but really wasnt as funny as I thought it would be. Defiantely a rent but dont spend $10 bucks going to the movies to see type of movie.
Vampires Suckwas filmed in Louisiana, according to the International Movie Data Base. I 'll go to see it , if only to look at the settings. I want to see how well Louisiana passes for the Pacific Northwest.
i hate it i will not go to see it team edward rules
hmmmmmmm old jokes,,,,,,, so if some like ''scary movie'' and goes to watch them
so maybe will love this movie too
omg...i watched it yesterday...i laughed alot..couldn't help it...it looked tooo funny to miss...but i think it was more funny cause i didn't pay to see it also..(saw it online)...u have to laugh about movies like this and not take everything too serious..
Just got back from watching it, actually. I'm a huge Twilight Saga fan and I don't think I'm being disloyal to Bella and Edward, by the way, HILARIOUS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(HILARIOUS!) Spoiler alert!

"You know who we are, don't you?"



"Why does everyone think we're the Black Eyed Peas? Sure, she looks just like Fergie, you look like Will.I.Am, but they don't even have a white guy in their band!"

BTW, Louisiana passes pretty well for Washington. Lol, Sporks, Washington.
I will see it....maybe in theatre, maybe DVD...but it looks hillarious...I can laugh...it just shows how fab our Twilight love is....that it's big enough for them to make a major motion picture spoofing it lol...
gaaaaaaawwwwddddd, i love twilight!!!!!

and Vampires suck looks soooooo darn funny!
i saw it was funny but i mean it was to much like the actually movie so it kinda got boring like they were trying to hard to make it funny

I saw the movie with a friend, and to be honest, The Hillywood Show's version is more entertaining than Vampires Suck. If you're a major Twilight fan, I honestly think you'll be more offended than entertained. It wasn't that I was offended, it pokes fun at everything, Twilight's just the main target - but it was just so stupid you couldn't help but laugh! Ever seen one of those movies? If you're a fan of Epic Movie and Disaster Movie, odds are you'll be amused for a while. Of course, knowing the people who made the films above made it, I didn't expect much of a show anyway, really just a decent laugh or two.


What amazed me was the vulgarity in it. I heard one F-word in the end, the very end, the girl (a "fan") says "F*ck me?!" when vampire Becca is about to attack. I was amazed it got a PG-13 rating. But Twilight is big so it's only natural to assume that at some point a parody like VS would pop up. I also think it mocks The Vampire Diaries, because in class on the first day, I think, that's what they're reading. I know, right? Also takes a shot at Simon leaving American Idol. The only one I laughed out loud at. To be honest, I would watch it again! Some films are funny in their own way - joke or not. Not worth buying, really - but an okay rent. But I did, however, think Jenn Proske as "Becca Crane" would've made a better Bella Swan than Kristen Stewart.


I do like some of Kristen's work (i.e., Speak, The Messengers), but her for Bella isn't very settling. Please don't murder me.;)

It was really funny and worth time but I did want to kill the director for making parody out of twilight!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr 

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