If you were a vampire and had to choose to live the cullen lifestyle or live like any other "normal" vampire, which path would you choose?

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I think the Cullen lifestyle for me.
The Cullen lifestyle all the way
i would choose to live the Cullen Lifestyle!
I would like the Cullen lifestyle. I'm sure if I were changed by someone like that I would totally go that way, but I'm afraid that if I were changed by a predator I'd probably get sucked into that. Luckily for me, I'm vegetarian. I'd like to think that I'd find the right path even if I started out as a predator like Alice and Jasper.
I am strickly Vegetarian vampire there is no other way for me
Because the Cullens are cool, and i`m cool, obviously I would go for the Cullen lifestyle . ;D
Definitely the Cullen's lifestyle! Best way to be:)
Cullen Lifestyle 100%
I'll be the odd one out and say predator :)
I would probably live the Cullen lifestyle, but cheat once in a while ;)
I would like to be a Veggie because I don't want to kill people and also I love the golden eyes, but I may do an Edward and go on a rebellious streak for a little while - i mean its early years 4 me it's too hard to resist right now! XD
Vegetarian for me, I can't see my killing people. I don't think I could kill a live animal now and eat it if I had to kill it with my bare hands.




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