If you noticed ive been gone. I just left for a while because I was upset that no one was commenting on my story beside Nicole. And don't tell me you read it and don't comment because apparently you have time to comment on other people's story. If no one else starts to comment on my story I'm going to stop writing story's and maybe leave. :/

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Dude, like half of us have been or are in the hospital, so it's seriously nothing personal. You can always count on me, and I sincerely apologize that I've neglected to commen on your stories, and I feel really bad that I've been so caught up in myself, but don't ever leave.
"lights will guide you home, and I will try, to fix you." although, honestly, nothing about you needs to be fixed, since I love you the way you are. Always here for you Mollz. <3 Mads
Nicole is um well really hurt and not healthy so she wont be on much sorry
Molly yu knoe tht I always comment on yur stories no matter wat. Mayb sumtimes I read it but I dnt comment I'm sorry but I hope yu dnt leave. 
I ussuly don't even see UR stories but if u want wen I see one I'll read and comment 
I feel ya gurl...
Ik how u feel, I haven't been on for almost 2weeks n no one even notice. So dw ur not the only one they forget about and Molly I'm sorry I don't comment, I do read them  just sometime I forget to comment. Love ya girly <3 

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