We know from the book they are three main groups: human, werewolf and  vampire. And sub divisions of those groups are hybrids, shapeshifters, and in vampires: the Volturi and so called, Vegetarian vampires, such as the Cullens. But, we hardly know anything about true werewolves ("children of the moon") except that the Volturi are attempting to destroy them in genocide hunts after one almost obliterated Caius, one of the most prominent members in the Volturi.


True werewolves transform in the moon, have a venomous bite and are supposed to be full of emotion, similar to the Shapeshifters, making them extremely ferocious. 


What do you think they would be like? Do you think they would be bigger and stronger than Shapeshifters, do you think they'd be stronger than vampires? An do you think that Werewolves have a type of Werewolf Volturi ruling them?


Here is my thought on how a member of a True Werewolf type Volturi would look:

What do you think?


Shawn has said a book needs bringing out so we learn more about the Shapeshifters and Werewolves....




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Hi Hanna


I don't get what you mean when you say "2.TRUE WEREWOLVES (not twilight ones)". True werewolves do exist in Twilight, but they are only referenced to: http://twilightsaga.wikia.com/wiki/Children_of_the_Moon


My own opinion from the books is that

1. True werewolves are strongest

2. (then) Shapeshifters

3. (then) Vampires


And I think, true werewolves would be bigger physically that normal humans, similar as to how Jacob gained so much strength when his shapeshifting genes started kicking in. 




Hanna said:

I don't think there is a werewolf volturi. I think they would still be stronger than vampires but a little less than shapeshifters. But true wolves don't get abs and big biceps like Jacob. They still remain like they usually are. So here is my size and toughness chart. Number one is the biggest and strongest three is weak and puny.

1. Shapeshifters
2.TRUE WEREWOLVES (not twilight ones)

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