so new moons out and it is utter fabulous. Chris Weitz & Stephenie Meyer are both pure genius!
and now that leaves us with 7 longgg months til 'Eclipse' (my favourite book) and with David Slade (another genius) directing Eclipse. So my question is ...

Personally, Mine is the 'official proposal' & the compromise they come too :)

♥ ♥

also, here's the eclipse poster :D

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either the "offical" proposal or Rosalie's & Jasper's backstories
i want to see the part where bella like trys to seduce edward and then he proposes to her
COMPROMISES CHAPTER!!! bella trying to seduce edward then edward proposing is just WOW!

and also the wager chapter where bella punches jacob and edward telling him if he kisses her again he will break his face:L

the very end chapter where bella and edward are in the meadow and edward wants some sexytime:D:L

and the tent scene is so funny:L i hope they keep the line in edward says to jacob ' but if i had replaced u last night it wouldnt have been the BEST night of my life either ,dream about THAT! ' hhahahahah :D

but something that i am NOT looking forward to is bella kissing jacob back and her realising shes in love with him and edward being really upset:( i will probably throw my popcorn box or my shoe at the screen when this happens seems as i punched the book when i read it :L

I CANT WAIITT!!!!!!! only about 7 months and a week left! :L
proper craving breaking dawn aswell!!! my fave book ! <3
"official" proposal and of course the Tent Scene!!!

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