In Eclipse Edward and Bella discuss their top ten favorite days of their lives. So that gave me an idea that we should compare our top 10, 5, or if your really 3 moments in the book series. So lets have fun and see what everyone comes up with.

My top 5 (off the top of my head)
1)Tent scene in Eclipse where the fight/argument between Edward and Jacob get intense
2)Edwared saves Bella from getting hit by the car
3)Edward and Bella get married
4)Jacob kisses Bella and she realizes she loves him too
5)Jacob saves Bella from drowning

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#1 When Edward and Bella first meet
#2 When Bella punches Jacob
#3 When James almost kills Bella
#4 When Bella tries to seduce Edward on their first night alone
#5 When Edward proposes (officially)
#6 Edward and Bella's wedding
#7 Isle Esme
#8 When Bella finds out she's pregnant
#9 When Renesmee is born and Bella becomes a vampire
#10 When Edward and Bella finally get to have "nights together" as vampire lovers
1:Edward saves bella from getting hit by a car.
2:Edward and bella get married.
3:The baseball scene (in the book and movie).
My Favorite moments:
1.When Edward realizes he loves Bella
2.When Edward shows Bella how useful a bed can be
3.When Bella asks to borrow her dad's baseball bat "for a minute"
4.When Edward first reads Renesme's thought before she is born
5.When Edward's brothers come to get him the night before the wedding
6.When Bella saves Edward in Italy
7.When Bella beats Emmett at arm wrestling
8.Bella's first hunt
9.When Edward finally can see into Bella's mind
10.When Jasper and Alice return just in the nick of time.
These are not in order...I like others
my top 10 fav moments from the series

#1 the biology class when the first meet
#2 the medow
#3the prom
#4 bella 's birthday party
#5 when edward leaves bella (i cired so much i really felt the pain )
#6 bella/edward meet the voltouri
#7 when bella returns home from seeing jacob when edward had told her not to
#8 edward and bella's wedding
#9 when bella finds out she's pregnant and tell's edward
#10 edward and bella finally together as lovers
my top 5: 1, 2, 3 the same, but not in the same order....4) edward tells bella that hes in love with her, 5) the honeymoon
1.First time Bella and Edward kiss
2. Clock tower, when Bella tries to push him all he says is "amazing"
The night after Italy "when she thinks she is dreaming or dead"
3.The sleepover Edward's house (bed)
4. Tent
5. When he proposes to bella
6. The wedding
7. Isla Esmme
8. The Vampire kiss, when Edward says "0w"
9. When Bella sees her daugther
10. Bella and Edward in the cottage together....
You guys had so many good ones that i totally forgot about.
1.) Bella realizing she loves Jacob too.
2.) Bella visiting Jacob after he is hurt.
3.) Bella trying to sleep with Edward...the one when she starts taking off both their shirts.
4.) The tent scene.
5.) The first time Renesmee touches Bella and shows all her thoughts to Bella.
6.) When Bella and Edward have all the tension in their Biology class after they realize they love each other.
7.) Bella and Jake at her wedding when she tells him she can have real honeymoon
8.) When Bella tells Renesmee and Jake she loves them and hands over the bag with passports and a tear rolls down Jacobs face.
9.) Bella and Edwards first kiss.
10.) When Bella asks Edward why she is covered in feathers.
(In no particular order)
1. the meadow
2. the prom
3. reunion in Italy
4. Bella breaking her hand hitting jacob after kiss
5. "sex talk" in eclipse
6. official marriage proposal
7. telling charlie about engagement
8. the wedding
9. Isle Esme
10. becoming a vampire

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