Biggest fan and read them 20 times.

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Breaking Dawn is my fave but i have read and listened to audio books of all four once a week ever since April 17, 2007. so how many weeks is that? a BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it really is a pageturner...
i've read it a thousand times...
but of all the saga's...
Breaking Dawn is phenomenal for me...
Breaking Dawn is my FAVORITE!!! & I Read All 4 Books 7x's So Far..=0)
my favourite book is Breaking Dawn, read them all about 6 times
Well, out of the Twilight Series, my favorite is Breaking Dawn. Then Twilight, then Eclipse, then New Moon. I have read Breaking Dawn WAY too many times to count! :) Same with the entire Saga. I'm definitely addicted!
I loved Breaking Dawn ive read it 19 times
I think that Breaking Dawn is my favorite book and I have read the entire series of books about 15 times now.
breaking dawn it´s my favorite and new moon.
I have read three times breakind dawn and I have read five times new moon
I love all 4 books, but I think Ive read Eclipse(my fav) the most. There are so many awesome chapters in there that I love to reread over again! I reread a lot of parts in Twilight too. :) And I cant even count how many times Ive reread either books!
my favorite is breaking dawn and I have read many times
I like it because there is born nessie
Well, I've read the saga once completely through and I've been considering restarting it soon. I've been putting if off because once I start the series I have a really hard time putting the books down and "dealing with real life".

I adore Breaking Dawn - It's my favorite book of the series. :)
I do not really decide which one is my favorite book, rescue part of each and wardrobe the most perfect book of the world .. do not know, maybe breaking dawn It Could Be .. but after reading the twelve chapters of midnight sun , The truth that I can not yet explain what I feel when reading the story told by Edward, is something from another world, I love him so I can not stand it!




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