Biggest fan and read them 20 times.

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I would have to say Breaking Dawn, Midnight Sun, Twilight, Eclipse and New Moon in that order. Although it is so hard to put any of them last.

I am just about to finish Twilight for the 4th time, and I read it chapter for chapter with MS. I have read the rest 3 times.
You have to read them again! I found that I rushed through them so much the first time just to find out what happens. I am on my 4th time through now and I can read one or two chapters a night just to enjoy, not because I am dying to know the next twist.

Shannaash said:
Well, I've read the saga once completely through and I've been considering restarting it soon. I've been putting if off because once I start the series I have a really hard time putting the books down and "dealing with real life".

I adore Breaking Dawn - It's my favorite book of the series. :)
Yes, absolutely, I'm the same I can not close the book and return to real life ... in my life, Twilight is as real as anything else .. is so incorporating them into my life,that is the true-
its really hard for me to choose, but I'll go with Eclipse. I read it like.. 7 or 8 times. ><
Im planning to read the whole series again XD
I have read each book 43times since i was introduced to them in 2008.I love them all equally but if i had to say i liked one more than the others it would be the the first because it is truly the introduction to what love is and what most people should want.I love a few women i been with but i have not been in love in that retrospect.And that is what i truly want out of love so the first book has a certain appeal to me that the others don't...Keyz
My favorite is Breaking Dawn. I'm reading it again. :D I love Edward so much! :D




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