Out of all the fabu characters of the Twilight Saga what character(s) are you most like???

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I'm am a cross between Alice and Rosalie sometimes if someone makes me mad I an be feisty like Rosalie, most of the time I'm really sweet and fun to be around.
well i took the test and ended up being exactly like bella well i guess we jut have the same peronality we're both stubborn and we are both clumsy in ultimate and i got every question to be like bella i got 100%
I'm most like Bella. I'm very clumsy. I love to read. I don't give two twits about fashion. And I'm in love with Edward too. LOL
Im like Edward Cullen.I like some old fashion things and I also over think sometimes. I guess Im just your everyday Edward Cullen
Well, i have done a quiz a few days ago and the result was: you are edward cullen ! Lol
I am mostley lik bella, but sometimes i can be like alice, because i am always falling over, I absolutly love Edward,(lol!) and i love to read, but i also like to dress up, and organise parties with my friends
I'm most like Jazz and Carslisle.

I'm most like Jazz because he is a warrior, and his instincts are first, and foremost, that of a warrior. If you look at his reactions to things, throughout the book, he reacts as a warrior would. In fact, I think the reason he has such difficulty controlling himself when exposed to human blood is because it is based in both his vampire lust for blood (literally, like conuming blood) and his warrior's lust for blood (more figuratively, as in spilling blood, revenge, and being unable to resist finishing off a wounded person).

I'm also like Carlisle because of his medical background and his ability to objectively analyze a situation without letting emotions get involved. He has a scientific mind, and approaches most things from that perspective.

I'm least like Rosalie and Bella.

I can't even understand the basis for Rosalie's actions. I think she's an interesting character, but--I guess I just don't see the profit in carrying a grudge and being mean to someone, especially someone who means you no harm.

I can understand the motivation for Bella's actions, but she is very dependent and clingy, and that is simply a luxury I have never had.
BELLA cuz i have brown hair and eyes im clumsy im like her some gloom i like to read
I'm kind of like bella because I'm clumsy, kind of shy and am my own worst critic when it comes to myself. Honestly, not too many girly things interest me, and I fantasize about alot of things that could never happen. I'm not like the typical girl my age. I'm kind of a tomboy and don't like the typical gossip. I love to read as well and also have brown hair and eyes.

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