OMG!!! I LOVED the movie!!!

at least that is what i really wanted to write, but instead i have to admit the movie fell flat for me
( OMG pull out the pitch forks, and light the torches!!! I'm a traitor to the Twihards and I'm so gonna catch heat for my opinion, but whateva)

the acting wasn't great, the good stuff got skimmed over, or left out all together, the book didn't transfer very well to the screen, which is just sad b/c it would have been so easy to make it really good... i just think someone dropped the ball on this one... maybe the director? or the producers at Summit for rushing it so hard...

Give it a little while; when the high of new footage of Rpatz to swoon over, and new topless images of Taylor have subsided... I think there will be a more objectified opinion of New Moon, and it won't be sugar coated.

I know I can't be the only one out there that didn't like this movie.... (well, not that i *hated* it so much as i'm just so disappointed in it)

Ok, now all the hardest of the twihards can proceed to mangle me and rip my post to shreads with defensvie angst about how wonderful the movie was (In their opinion)...

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I kinda agree it was rushed the scenes looks bad edited it looks like it had been cut

The only thing I don't agree with was the acting I think they were all amazing especially kristen but I'm kristen number one fan so anything u say bout her il defend so they you go I defended and rob and Tay were incredible !!

I loved it !!!
this movie was absolutley amazing. i just got out of the movie.
taylor and kristen did a fan-effing-tastic job!!! taylor was so incredible and im on team edward but i really could feel the way he did. kristen brought all the feelings to the screen from the book.

now it was rushed and editing was pull s***. they did rush through the wolf pact thing. i jut thought they coulda put more into that. and the transformation from one sen to another was shitty but .... all in all


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