I just wanted to know what EVERYONE thinks about Justin Drew Bieber? But if u r a hater, please don't cuss JB out, cuz there is no need for that. Also, if u are a hater, please say why u hate him. Thanx, oh and if u were curious what I think of him, well... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE JUSTIN DREW BIEBER! ~Stay Strong JB!!!~ Anyway, please let me know :)

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I hate him, I just don't see how one person can be so stupid to actually say he doesn't know WHAT not WHERE Germany is because they don't use that word in America! I mean for god sake how did he become famous.. lol plus he can't sing... but that parts just my opinion :D
I personally am a justin Beiber hater.  I think he sings and looks like a girl.  Also his song baby makes him seem uber gay.  also he supposed to be what 17 or something.  he looks like he is 11.

i just wanted to add that i like his music don't get me wrong it is just that he is so..................ugh!


Ok, I'm like old and everything but I like the kid. I think he's really talented and his features remind me of my own little boy (up to about a year ago when his face started look older). I hope he can stay out of trouble and keep growing as an artist and musician. Here's hoping, I wish him the best.
He's not bad. To be honest, I don't get why there is so much hate and the fact that people call him ugly just makes me laugh. I mean, he's not ugly! Come on just look at him, he's cute in the baby way to me. And he's very talented compared to most people and I bet that's the reason they hate him, it's jealousy. But I'm definitely more of a Cody Simpson girl! <3
Guys wait.. So.. I go to Twifans I see things about Justin Bieber.. Like.. Is my computer hacked or some.. Please Ask this on a Belieber site. No hate for Justin at all, He's fine, I have to admit but.. Come on..
He's not my fav but i guess i dont hate him his music is not that bad so well he's pretty good.

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