As we all know the blood typing scene was cut from Twilight and I know that I was a little gutted that they didn't shoot that scene, but what scenes are we looking forward to In New Moon and what scenes do we NOT want to be cut from it?


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I look forward to seeing when Bella,Edward and Alice see the voltri
-Bella saves Edward in italy
-when we see Jacob change into a woolf
-Bella's birthday at the Cullens
-When Alice comes back to see Bella
-Woolf Pack
There is only one part that needs to be left by the book. It's page 540 and the entire "Vote" chapter. I give my permission for anything else to be added, deleted or changed. Just don't touch the proposal part because that's sacred.
r you annoyed that the marriage proposal scene has been skipped out and will not be in the movie

nicole said:
i want to see the whole book but that probably wont happen wit all the editing but wat i will settle for is this:1. i need to see the scene where she cuts herself at the birthday party and they try to attack her 2.the scene where edward leaves needs to be straight from the book! no cut outs and it has to be real and i need to feel sad when bella is going through those months of deep depression NO CHESSINESS.3. jacob and bellas relationship should grow and we should see jacob making bella feel happy again. i dont think it should be rushed. after all she falls in luv wit him too. they should include the parts when she figures out jacobs a werewolf 4.the motorcycles 5. the cliff diving scene!!!!!! this is a given.6 when alice comes back and the phone call from edward and the 'charlie's at the funeral.7when alice comes to take bella to italy. in twilight the movie i felt like the cullens had small unimportant roles i think they need to capitalize on bella and alices friendship.8 the race to find edward in italy 9. EVERYTHING wit the volturri i mean everything. 10. when edward is back in bellas life and their in bed and talking about wat edward did while he was gone and how much he luvs her. 11. VOTE FOR IMMORTALITY.important 12.EDWARDS MARRIAGE PROPOSAL. ppl forget to add this in their new moon wishlist and this was extremely important. so there u have it those are my 12 must see things in new moon. they left enough scenes out of twilight that should have been it so they owe us all.
I want to see her come out of her zombieness at the movie with Jessica.
i want to see how edward leaves bella at the she dives at the cliff...and how bella saves edward....
but i still want to see the whole book that will never ever happen
i wanna see the part where the wolf pack save bella from laurent,and i hope that they keep the cheeky funny things that jacob says,annnnnnnd wen edward leaves,i just cant wait to see it and i hope that they aint cut out 2 much either way as long as i get 2 see alot of edward,jacob and emmett im happy :-)
Im excited to see everything, but the Volturi especially.
i want to see the part where jacob rescues bella from the water, and because she is quite dazed she thinks she sees a fire in the water, then later she realises it was victorias red hair. she was following her. i think that would be a very good twist to the story.
I'm really concerned about the ending. I want to see a proposal. That is a major plot in the story (unless they are saving it for Eclipse)! I heard that in the movie version, Edward asks Bella of something other than marriage. This would be really OOC for me because Edward is the ultimate gentleman, he understands now that Bella and he are a "packaged deal", and he's not going to bite her, or make love to her without his one request. If they take such a poignant piece out of the film, then I'm going to have a problem with it. I'll never forgive them and I'll refuse to watch the other two movies when they come (well, I won't go on opening weekend LOL).
in twilight the movie i felt like the cullens had small unimportant roles i think they need to capitalize on bella and alices friendship.>>

This I agree with but I understood it because this is from Bella's point of view, so we wouldn't have seen much of the Cullens interaction with Bella at first and we probably won't see it until Eclipse and Breaking Dawn where they definitely have more interaction with Bella.

ITA with you about the marriage proposal and before I had read your post, I wrote that this is what I want to see more than anything. Oh and they absolutely have to put the voting of Bella becoming a vampire in there (or was that Eclipse? I've been up for almost twenty-four hours and I really can't remember right now)
ehm what bloody scene...? if it is in another book (eclipse or breaking dawn) i have'nt read them, so don't tell me then!
Cliff diving scene!!! :)

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