As we all know the blood typing scene was cut from Twilight and I know that I was a little gutted that they didn't shoot that scene, but what scenes are we looking forward to In New Moon and what scenes do we NOT want to be cut from it?


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I'm looking forward to the breakup scene; even though it's soo sad, I hope it's perfect, and of course Volterra with the Volturi has to be amazing. Also, I hope the cliff diving scene will be good, and the confrontation between edward and jacob at the end. And (hahaha) the scene where Bella and Jacob were about to kiss and Edward calls. I really don't want them to cut out the scenes where Bella is in her depression or where she holds herself together, because that's where all the emotion in new moon comes from, also Bella and Edward's reunion, where they kiss for the first time (again).
There isn't going to be an official proposal in new moon. he says marry me to bella, but she isn't proposed to until eclipse (chapter 20)

Bella G. said:
ME too. He better propose.

Victoria C. Trower said:
I'm really concerned about the ending. I want to see a proposal. That is a major plot in the story (unless they are saving it for Eclipse)! I heard that in the movie version, Edward asks Bella of something other than marriage. This would be really OOC for me because Edward is the ultimate gentleman, he understands now that Bella and he are a "packaged deal", and he's not going to bite her, or make love to her without his one request. If they take such a poignant piece out of the film, then I'm going to have a problem with it. I'll never forgive them and I'll refuse to watch the other two movies when they come (well, I won't go on opening weekend LOL).
THE PROPOSAL!!! god I can't wait for it even though she basically says no. And the italy scenes, the reunion scene,...a lot of stuff.
I want to see all of it ...except when edward isnt there :( Lol:) The scenes i think they should definitely do are... Bellas birthday scene,when edward and bella are laying on the couch watching romeo and juiliet and edward tells her about the volturi,the night before edward leaves with the last kiss:(,the break up scene and they better make it good enough so that i cry!,all the months of bella getting depressed,jacob and bella motorcycling:),jacob and bellas argument before he tells her hes a werewolf to see how bella reacts when he mentions the cullens:(,jake telling her hes a werewolf,all the scenes where bella hears edwards voice,alice coming back,charlie telling alice about how horrible its been:(,when edward phones and jacob answesr:@, alice and bellas conversation on the plane where bella tells her to bite her:D,bella and edwards reunion of course:),the volturi scene and i wana see jane 'hurt' edward even though i dont want to see it but i still wanna see how horrible it looks,edward and bella in the waiting room,and the scene i am looking forward to the absolute most is when edward tells bella the truth:),edward runing with bella on his back to the cullens:),the vote scene:) ,and the proposal:D:D:D:D yes i want to nearly all the book lol:L
the movie needs to have all Bella's thoughts about Edward it need to explain what happens cos in Twilight they didn't explain their love as much as the book also it needs to have the vote scene and the leaving scene word for word!!!!!! we also have to know that she wants Edward to change her and the start of his conditions ie 'marry me' we need to see how totally in love they are and how Jacob wants her, (he kiss scene before Alice comes back)............ all the book would do fine!!!! 4-5 hours? i need to0 cry like i do for the book
I wish they could do every single word and action of hte book and i wouldt care if the movies where 10 hours long , id still watch them over and over again:)
they need to do every single word of 'the truth ' scene and it needs to make me cry! and the break up scene needs to make me cry too like it did so much in the book!
Looking forward 2 to see everything!!

Even if the movie took 5 or 6 hrs to finish,i don't care...i want to see the movie like what i read in the books...^_^
Definitely Rob topless!!!!!

Regardless of whether it was official or not he asked her to marry him which is what a proposal is. Even if she says no and if it's done informally it's still a proposal as he's asking for her hand in marriage. But I get what you're saying. Either way it still better be in there . Lol.

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