I guess you all think that Edward is the perfect guy if you're a memmber of this group, 
but what do you like the most about him? 
Is it his maturity? his commitment? or maybe it's just his beauty? 

Write below and we'll find out what is the thing about Edward Cullen that makes us going crazy :) 

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Haha,sarah,you have every right to believe what you want to believe.That's fine.I'm just stating a fact based on the facts.Whether you want to believe it is your choice
I am telling you what EDWARD believes and how Bella is trying to make him turn against what he believes.That's just a simple fact whether you believe it or not

sarah said:

Maybe you're right, but you're trying to convince me (and you're getting pretty close to doing so) that Bella is wrong, and therefore that i was wrong when i agreed with what she did. You're trying to convince me that when Bella was trying to convince Edward that it was ok to sleep together, because as far as they knew they couldn't have kids, and you're trying to change what i believe. Just as you say Bella was trying to change what Edward believed. You're trying to change my beliefs, just as you say Bella was trying to change Edward's, and so whether the issue is big or small, (for example, about sex or about whose right or wrong) how is Bella changing Edward's beliefs wrong, but you changing mine right? It may not be like you are changing everything i stand for, but i still don't see how it's different.   
TwilightTrinity AKA Jesus Freak said:
But,Sarah,if she really loves him,she should respect what he believes and not push him to do what he believes is wrong.

sarah said:

He's not only GORGEOUS he's also sooo devoted to Bella. Like in New Moon, he left because being so close to Bella all the time isn't save. Even though it was reeeaallly hard to leave her, it was also really hard to control his thirst and that could put her in danger. He always wants to do what's best for her and what will keep her the safest and won't hurt her, even if it hurts him. (He really didn't know that it would hurt her so bad when he left.) If she chose Jacob, he would have walked away, no matter how much it hurt him. Jacob on the other hand, won't leave her alone becouse he's too selfish to see that what she wants isn't such a bad thing. He really just wants her for him self and uses the fact that she's dating a vampire as an excuse. Hey, he's a werewolf and just look at poor Emily, Sam's girl. 

i can't really agree with that. Bella didn't want to change him couse he was wronge, she just wanted to make a compromise. look, Bella sacrificed a lot for Edward, and i think he understood that. I don't think he would have been happy to do everything in his way without asking her opinions. and let's not forget that Edward didn't want to change her and sleep with her only becouse he was afraid about her soul and about hurting her. if she agrees and doesn't mind about it - how can he say no? it's her life, it's her choice.
Tal, read this- http://www.twifans.com/group/teamedward/forum/topics/bellaheroinevi... and please read it carefully before you comment
im not trying to justify her actions, im just saying there's no wrong or right here. bella fell in love with jacobe, that's a fact. what makes guys "players" is what they do with it. if they just keep lying and promising things they can't keep - they are players. bella's problem is a whole different case. she made sure jacobe knows they can't be together and never let him think otherwise. he knew it and still didn't give up. that's his problem, not bella's.
She used Jacob in New Moon to take her mind off Edward,even though she knew that doing so would give him the wrong impression and  it would just fuel his ego and his attempt to get her to love him.And YET,she wants him to quit bugging her.Whats wrong with this picture???come on(I take it you didn't bother to read that blog)




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