Hey Girlz!
Just Wanna Know:: What Do You Like The Most About Our Dear Edward?
Me It's His personnality, and his eyes, mouth, hair..... sorry, I just LOVE Edward!!

What About You?

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ALL OF THEM!! No, but seriously I adore Edward - he is perfect <3.
I think that what's on the top of my list is that he is just the perfect gentlemen. I mean he always wants to buy Bella presents and spend time with her. And it's never like he is rushing her into anything the way some guys would - it's just so sweet!!! And then he proposes with his mothers old ring and that's just perfect.
But I'll stop rambling otherwise I'll still be here when New Moon comes out X
his eyes
I cant decide! I love every part of him!
I love everything about him! ahh but i gotta love his personality the most, hes very caring and just plain sweet and adorable..
Everything is too lush about him.
I love him and all, but rpattz gave him a weeny bit of a bumchin.





^ not as much! x
I LOVE everything about him!
He's strong, Independent, and HOT!!
I love every part of him, especialy his personality!
He is such a kind, forgiving and selfless vampire.
As he knew Bella was too, in love with Jake, and even kissing with Jake, he could still forgive Bella.
Or, more exactly, he never get mad on her!
Even if Bella choose Jake at the end, he would never kill Jake, as he knew this would upset Bella.
He did not wants to hurt Bella, just wants her to be happy.
And I am totally impressed by him the moment when he ask Jake to persuade Bella to give up the child.
He was willing to let Bella has child with Jake as if Bella wants a child!
How many people could have done such sacrifice in the reality?
He is so in love with Bella, He has charm, Instinct, special powers (who wouldnt love that) He is still a 17 year old boy, most of all, his willing to sacrifice everything for his true love, his intelligence and ability to keep it cool under harsh circumstances.
I love the fact that he is so considerate of Bella's needs and making sure that she is so very happy.
I lover everything about him. But if I really had to choose it would be his ethreal beauty and his quick wit. I just love a man I can bicker with!
The thing I like most about Edward is that he is soooo adorable when he is mad at himself! So cute!

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