I'm a big crazy fan of robert pattinson and I liked so much his smile!!
what about you?? what do you like in rob??

PS. i obviously think that he's perfect!!!

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I love EVERY single part of him. Except for his smoking and drinking :(. I really liked when in Twilight, he was kissing Bella, you could see that he closed his eyes really tightly. It was so cute. I love him :) Even if the eye thing was part of the script
I love everything about Robert he is exactly like me. i dont really like alot af people im a bit claustrophobic. im a possessive girlfriend, i love to read and watch movies. He is just so sweet. What i like most about him though is his talent as a musician and his BEAUTIFUL, enchanting voice. I could listen to him sing for the rest of my life.
I love his smile, too!!! He's sooo perfect!!! I'm really like him because he can play piano, guitar, and sing just like me!!!! I'm totally love him since he was play in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory!!!!!
I like that he is so concerned about making a fool of himself. I also think it's cute that he has serious trouble when trying to lie, supposedly he just can't do it. His laugh and accent are sexy too of course. Oh and the fact that he just got a microwave not to long ago and he thinks it's like the most amazing thing in the world.
Besides the obvious, gorgeous smile, beautiful eyes, "boy next door" figure, I like his intelligence, his honesty, the fact that he isn't afraid to make a fool of himself-I laugh at him all the time when he's doing interviews and he's not afraid to laugh at himself either, I like that he doesn't seem to have a big head like most actors his age seem to have-he doesn't seem self indulgent, he's talented musically, I love his voice-its so unique and soothing, he's a dedicated actor-he gets into his parts, he seems to put part of himself into his roles, I love his laugh.....its obvious that I could go on and on for days but I think he's very real which is appealing to me, most actors now just seem so fake when they are talking in interviews but I don't get that "vibe" from him, and so many ppl hate on him for being honest in his interviews but I for one love it. I don't know him personally and I am sure that he has flaws just like everyone does but he just seems so perfect.
I like that he is ackward! It sounds weird but it shows how normal he is!
Ohh and DUUUHHHHHH his accent!!!!!!!!!!! I squee when I hear it!!!
i love that he's not perfect. He seems like a genuine, down to earth guy. Man, and those eyes, smile and jawline! I can't choose just one thing lol
I love his facial expressions they make my heart flutter.

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