I dont really like Jacob.. In Twilight And New Moon I didnt have a problem with him but I did in Eclipse when he kissed Bella. Now I have no respect for Jacob. I love Taylor Lautner so dont think Im dissing him!!! What do you think about Jacob???

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i totally agree. I think Jacob is a complete gerk at times and then at other times he says...Ohh sorry i didn't mean it. I really enjoy that bell punched him in eclipse i had a very good laugh at that when i read it.
Girl i absolutely agree withu! in twilight he was kinda even non existant to me, and in new moon i luved him b/c he took good care of bela u know? then in eclipse i was like, screw u dog! edward all day, dont waste ur time on the space heater wen u can have ur personal air conditioner!!!! TEAM EDWARD absolutely no respect for jake. period. luv lautner though.lol
omg idid the some thing i wouldnt read 4 three day till my friend said it got better ps.i agree about jakob

Mandee | Ѽ |owns it!!! said:
When i first read Eclipse i threw the damn book on the floor (almost as hard as i did with new moon when Edward left) when Jacob basically tells her that he is going to get himself killed and makes her kiss him..............Are you freaking kidding me GRRRRRRR i hate Jacob he is a manipulative little bastard. Lol wow i didn't realize i felt that strongly till now. He is such a user and i honestly don't think that Bella loved him she just didnt want to lose him as her friend. he helped her thru a difficult time and he took advantage of her for it. What a stupid childish TWERP!! I really with that Steph would have had Edward beat the crap out of him just for my own satisfaction.
i agree with every1 jacob had no right to kiss bella i hate jacob he had better take care of nessie!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont really mind jacob. i love edward and thats why im team edward but jacob isnt that bad. in eclipse i got really pissed when he kissed bella and felt like throwing the book at the wall. but couldnt find that streghth.
even though jacob kissed her he will still do anything to protect her. just as the cullens. he even leaves his own pack for her.
he is important to her and she is important to him. they cant live without each other.

as you know in breaking dawn he imprints on renesmee and and makes bella want to kill him, and that is another reason to not like him i guess, but its not his fault. he can imprint on anyone. he has no control over it. so you cant blame him for that.
sometimes when i read the books i got mad at him and didnt like him anymore, but i always found the streghth to forgive him.
i like edward more and think bella is better for him rather than jacob, but jacoob is still an amazing best friend for her.
jacob is jelous because bella is in love with edward and not him though. it makes him mad and unhappy sometimes.
so over all i love edward (i am of coarse team edward!) but jacob really isnt that bad...
he did have no absolute right to kiss bella. that was uncalled for.
but he will take care of nessie. he loves her and wont let anything happen to her...
i think he's annoying,seriously,why the heck tell Bella how he feels and that hes gonna fight for her when she's already dating Edward??
he's just selfish,if he really did love her,he wouldnt have told her anything because she was happy..if he really did love her,he would just be happy that shes happy..
team edward all the way!!
most of "team jacob" fans are really taylor lautner fans. i mean i get that taylor is hot. but really you shouldnt just be a jocob fan because of that.
jacob loves bella i get that but i mean if you hear she got engaged then shouldnt that be the time just to let go instead of making her kiss you and making everything worse for her and himself.
Edward is understanding and loves bella in anyway. And would love her even if she picked jacob. Edward is perfect in every way ! He has everything a girl wants in a guy. lol so no way jacob can win !
TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Jacob's to excitable for my taste... Edward is more layed Back I like how Edward is so comforting
I think he could be a great friend if he didn't insist on trying to tell Bella what choice she should make and how to live her life, as if it is his place to do so.
i have no problem with Jacob.If i were him i would of kissed Bella to.I don't know about anyone else but if i have a small chance t get the woman i love i am not going to let her go with out trying,there will be no what if because i would know because i acted upon the what if and i can live without the love of my life because i know i did everything in power to get her...
I don't like that guy at all!! I call him "that guy" because I don't even want to mention his name. The way he always tries to piss off Edward, the way he tries to force himself on Bella just prooves how immature he is, he couldn't accept that the girl he liked loved other person. Maybe he cared about Bella, but he didn't care about confusing her and hurting her just to try to get what he wanted, which prooves how self-centered he can be. But that kiss was not "entirely" his fault... it was Bella's fault too, I hated both of them when that happend. How could she do that?? and specially when her FIANCEE was just a couple of feet away. She always said that no one could love someone else as much as she loved Edward and that she loved him more than he loved her, but how can that be true if she she could hurt him that much in order to not loose another guy? And last but not least, how she wanted to name her baby Edward Jacob when she thought it was a boy, that shows that she had little regard for Edward's feelings. It makes me sad and sick to just to think about how he would have felt if he knew that, or if the baby were actually a boy.

In reality, this situation was mostly (if not all) Bella's fault, but Jacob didn't handle it like a true man should have, but he handled it like a lovesick kid. A true man would have accepted the fact that the woman he supposedly love was in love with another man and would want her to be happy.
In conclusion, I don't like either Jacob or Bella.
And I completely agree with bwen (first comment)!

Team Edward forever!
okay heres what i think:
Jacob in twilight & new moon, i think he was pretty cool whatever...
once there was eclipse, everytime i turned the page i started hating him more and more... i like taylor lautner, theres no offense to him... i just HATEEE JACOB... :)
team edward forever...
and robsten forever<3




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