Ok so we've all seen them on the shelves next to the Twilight Saga because vampire romance is the "cool thing" at the moment. My friends who like Twilight said that they would never read those books because they are milking the success of Twilight. I suppose that it what the bookstores are doing but I am reading A House of Night Novel Series at the moment by PC Kast and I think they are good books but would you read those "other" vampire books?
Please let me know :-)

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Nah I doubt I'll read the others. It's like your friend said, I think that they are doing some success at Twilight.
There's some new vampire book/tv show where they even got the same eye colors as the vampires in Twilight for the same reasons, can't remember the name tho. However, THAT is just hilarious.
I actually have read the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead and they are really good....completely different from Twilight. There are four so far; Vampire Academy,Frost Bite, Shadow Kiss and Blood Promise. Spirit Bound the next book is coming out May 18, 2010.
i was actually afraid of vampires before twilight saga!
I bought One bite with a stranger and I've read half the book and haven't been able to read it since and that was two months ago....The vampire in this book is posessive and i just don't care for it..
yes! ive read the wicked series, its about witches. the den of shadows series. house of night series. the nightworld series. the vampire kisses series. the vampire diaries series. ive read a crap load more too i just cant think of them... anyway those are my fav!!
I actually started the House of Night Novel Series and I think they're pretty good! Definetly not as good as Twilight saga of course! Buttt...definetly worth reading if you've read Twilight more times than u can count! So I also read Evermore and Blue Moon by Alyson Noel. They're good also if you want to read.
i read the vampire diaries...they were good but way too supernatural for me to handle they were good non the less. I would recommend reading these..
I love to read vampire novels, but it has to be romance novels because I don't like bad vamps. There has to be at least one good romantic vamp in it for me! Of course twilight will always be my favorite, but there are other good books, my favorite is vampire academy so far but I also like the house of night series and the vampire diaries pretty good too.
well im sry to admit it, but i have staryed from the bible (twilight=bible) and i found that vampri diaries is just as gd if not almost as gd as twilight. most people think its just a rip off from twilight, but it really has its own plot and character trais and stuff. i also read night world since its halloween and everything its all just so perfect!
No. Definitely the only vampire story that I like Is Twilight. Nothing more........
i dont like the vampire diaries, the chronicles of vlad tod are good and of course the sookie stackhouse books are wonderful, and i too like the house of night- looking forward to the new book on the 27
I haven't read any others yet, but may. Some of them were out years before Twilight was ever written and they are very good. They just didn't get the attention until Twilight became so popular.

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