Ok so we've all seen them on the shelves next to the Twilight Saga because vampire romance is the "cool thing" at the moment. My friends who like Twilight said that they would never read those books because they are milking the success of Twilight. I suppose that it what the bookstores are doing but I am reading A House of Night Novel Series at the moment by PC Kast and I think they are good books but would you read those "other" vampire books?
Please let me know :-)

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I LOVED loved loved The Silver Kiss. I also read it back when I was a young girl. It was the first Vampire book/experience I had ever had. Simon was my first vampire love! :)

Emily said:
I had my vampire craze when I was like 15, 7 years ago...that was with the Vampire Chronicles and such... But with Twilight, it's not even really a VAMPIRE series for me, it's a romance, it's a love story, and the vampire part is just a cool twist to it all. So I'm not attracted to these other vampire books because they're making the craze into a VAMPIRE craze, which is not what I'm experiencing lol... Same reason I don't care to check out the other vampire shows and movies flooding the market now. I love all the Twilight characters, and the plot line... that won't be in the other books so I'm not feeling any drive to read them, that's all. I'm sure there are plenty of good reads out there.

Ps. I read one book back when I was younger called Silver Kiss, recently saw it placed with the Twilight series and remembered it, don't remember the story much though, but it was a good lil read :)
no books are like the twilight saga, but i read tones of other vampire books:
A house of Night
Vampire diaries
Vampire Academy
Night World
Many PNR authors have been around as long (or longer) than SM so not reading these books based on that reasoning is lame [sorry - not bagging out your friends but it's true].

Just to give you an idea of how many authors are out there check out the Vampire Library site link below;

the blue bloods series is really good.
I've been reading Shannon Drake books before The Twilight Saga and I LOVE her books as well. She writes juicy love stories too.
i dont think so cuz its kinda like your friend said anyhow for me you cant top the "original" i mean i know that there have been other vampire books kinda like the Twilight Saga,but Twilight is what made it big you know? and everyone wants more i know i do! ^^ but the love story is just really awsm i enjoy it ive read all the twilight books a few times and im sure ill read them a few more =)
up to hunted now and the new one burned is released in may cant wait to read the last two

Ashley Hailey said:
I actually started the House of Night Novel Series and I think they're pretty good! Definetly not as good as Twilight saga of course! Buttt...definetly worth reading if you've read Twilight more times than u can count! So I also read Evermore and Blue Moon by Alyson Noel. They're good also if you want to read.
I would read every vampire book I get my hands on.... not only because of the vampires… but more of the possibilities... The dream... the fantasy.... and maybe the romance... Twilight is my absolute favorite but I loved Buffy and Angel... since two weeks the vampire diaries are on tv here end I like them to...
All the vampire stories that I've read so far were really good...
i dont think i would read the others...
ive tried but im too impatient amd now people are all copying twilight (like Jesper said) which isnt fair so im not gonna support books like that. stephenie started the vampire craze and no-ones given her hardly any credit for it. Some people say that they're good but i dont think people should support book with a similar storyline, or ideas. others tho- might try again : )
I haven't read any other vampire books. At the moment i'm not on the mood to read others but maybe someday..
well ,the twilight books are my first series
Well, I have read alot of vampire books lately..
Mortal Instruments Series (3 books) by Cassandra Clare > Very Good, more supernatural with some Vampires thrown in.
All the Sookie Stackhouse Novels.. one more then I'm up to date.. Can't get enough of that Bunch.. especially Eric !!
Yum, yum :)
Also, just finished Book 1 of The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.. very good.. more like Zombie Vampires but good none the less if you want a little less romance and more senseless killing :)
Twilight is what it is.. a Teenage Love story.. who can resist that ???

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