I think they need to take the time to think about how much work is put into it, and how interesting the real plot is:)

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They don't know anything about twilight For that reason they hate it....}
Or they are just envious
people who come out and say "the books sucks", i think they are just saying that to get a reaction out of you. its like they want to piss you off and just want to argue. they dont' care about the subject of the argument but they get a kick out of the person's fuming reaction. plus i bet they have never read the books to have a legitimate reason to not like the books. which is kind of funny.
lol....you're right. i think jealous bfs ruin it for their gfs. they're like" oh crap she's going to want me to do that!" so they have to down play everything so the gfs don't expect that of them.....funny.
i tend to hate ppl who judge things just based on "oh there's a hot actor all the teenagers like so u like it too? aren't u a bit grown up for that?" bla bla bla s***...
1st of all most of them is just jealous guys/people in general...
2nd they don't get th epoint that its mainly a love story and they tend to focus on the whole "vampires arent like that LOLOLOL fail" thing...
3rd if they don't like it its actually their loss.. none asked them to like it! but atleast they should stop whine on those who like it.. some people even bother and spend the time to comment on forums/posts with mean comments... they need a life! if i dont like a thing, i just ignore it. so they're probably either just jealous or they life to piss ppl off!
but i dont care in either way :D i love it, thats what counts :D
I hate when people always state their disdain for Twilight or anything related to it, and you ask them if they read the book or seen the movie, they simply say no......Really!? How can you judge something that you know nothing of??
I think if someone doesn't like Twilight - for whatever reason - it's their choice. They have their opinion and I have mine. The only time it bugs me is when they do something stupid like watch a video on youtube or read a fanfiction story or whatever and then openly post that whatever it was, was really crappy because they hate twilight. That's when it becomes really annoying, because if you really don't like something, why subject yourself to watching something about it or reading more about it, only to hurt the person who put so much work into that video or story or whatever it is?

So yeah... other than that, I'm cool with someone not liking Twilight. Yes, it would be nice if they gave it a chance, but I wouldn't force it on anyone. I had to learn the hard way how cool Twilight really is, and had someone forced it on me before then, I probably would have gagged. Literally, lol.
Well, if you have read the books multiple times each and watched the movie multiple times and just don't like it, fine. It's perfectly okay to not like something after having tried it. I hate the ignorant attitude that if you don't like Twilight you either hadn't read it, are evil, SHOULD like it or are stupid. Not everyone likes Twilight, not everyone knows what it is and some people just don't give a damn so just leave them alone and get on with it.
i think so what it's their problem if they hate it but i also got to say that if they havent seen or read it how would they know if they hate it or not
There losers.
they are jealous cuz theyr notas awesome
it doesn't bother me unless they start to hurl insults at me for being a fan. my friend gets on my case for loving the series and it p***** me off. if someone simply doesn't like twilight then whatever, i'm sure there are plenty of things they like that i don't.

i do think that people should at least give it a chance before they totally decide they hate it though.
There are people who HATE Twilight? Is that even possible =)?

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