I think they need to take the time to think about how much work is put into it, and how interesting the real plot is:)

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lol apparently. my bf dislikes it very much. but he still watches it with me =)
Bellalove said:
There are people who HATE Twilight? Is that even possible =)?
Many of the people that hate Twilight haven't even read the books. I find it pretty stupid to judge a series like this without even reading it! However, I have to admit that I was one of those people. For the longest time I hated Twilight... I thought it was lame, stupid, etc. My mom finally got me into it by forcing me to read Twilight and I fell in love. (Well not really... lol...) So yeah but anyway, even if they have read the books and still don't like it then that's their opinion and I respect it.
Meh. I don't care. I love it so that's all I care about!
I think most people who are my age and most Christians(like myself)don't like it because they don't understand it.They see it as just another harry potter.They think it sends the younger generation the wrong message.But, I dissagree.It sends young people exactly the right message.For example,since Edward was from a more distinguished time when people still had respect for the institution of marriage,he was very strict about he and Bella being intimate or sexual.He insisted that they wait will they are married.And ,through the Cullens controlling their urge to drink human blood,it teaches self-control.People who dont like twilight don't see the underlying messages and morals behind it--including the message of control over temptation.I think if more people looked deeper into movies and books like this,they would appreciate them alot more.
i just think what about twilight can u possibly NOT like?
they propably don't know the word IMANGINATION!!!!
they are people without dreams!!!!
also, respect the opinion of the others shows a good personality!!!!!so for all those people who say bad thinks about twilight and twilight fans i have only one word!!! PATHETIC!!!!
i mean they have theyre own opinion everyone likes different things but what gets me annoyed is when they say its sad to be this obbsessed with twilight! whats so bad about being excited about something u love! well for me anyway its calledbeing a teenager,thats what we do ! we obbsess over things and have fun about stuff we love ,and for older twilight fans well everyones young at heart and twilight makes u feel young and special and theres no harm in that ! like my friend the other day got me really annoyed cos she told me she had just strated reading new moon and didnt like it and didnt get it and i sed well have u read the first one? and she sed no cos ive seen the moive and didnt thing it was very good! i was like WELL UVE GOT TO READ THE FIRST BOOK COS ITS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE MOVIE AND SOOO DIFFERENT! AND U NEED TO READ TWILIGHT TO UNDERSTAND NEW MOON!!!! DURRRR!!!
people can be very mean i think there just jelouse cuz watever they like isnt such a big hit!!!!!
I think people are entitled to there own opinion but I think if they don;t like it then they haven't got the right emotions and imagination. Plus I don't think they hate twilight my mum watched it with me but not properly she was busy making tea and stuff so she missed bits she use to always moan askin why im so obsesed but then she watched it properly and now she into it aswell x lolz
well, i respect their opinon but i HATE when they bash on the movie and the actors....the cast is amazing, and i agree with you, they need to think about how much work is put into it...its kinda funny to listen to people ramble on about how they hate the twilight saga and then go and see how many people LOVE it and how much money it makes..it just proves the haters wrongs.... TWILIGHT ALL THEY WAYY<3
i 100% agee that they need to take the time to think about how much work is put into it, and how interesting the real plot is,but they are aloud to have there own opinion.
The people that Hate Twilight 1 have never read it or are Just Stupid

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