What do you think about the kissing scene in Bella room in the movie?

I want to did you love it or hate it and why.

I loved it so romantic it made me shake lol im not kidding

you think im crazy now dont you lol?

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I loved it and wish it was me!!!
OMG it was one of the most erotic things I have seen. The whole movie was!!
omg i agree with both of you it was very erotic and i wish it was me too
I loved the kissing scene
Everytime I see the movie I wish I could pause it and rewind it over and over again
Apparently, Robert Pattinson got so carried away that he fell off the bed when they were
i did like the kiss in the bedroom sure....who wouldn't...but still i wish it had happened like in the book..bellas first attempt to kiss him..him running away and then on the way back to her truck him kissing her and her being a BIT too enthusiastic and him having to restrain himself....that said the film version was hot too plus stephenie got them to reshoot it like that and tone down the erotica so it was truer to how edward has to build self control thus it will hold true as the kisss get more intense as the films go on. it was sanctioned by stephenie so i'll defo agree with it and enjoy watching it..again and again and again lol
(so wish they had done the kiss where bella faints though...i forgot to breathe....lol...ahh one kissing scene wasn't enough!!)
yep one kissing scene was not enough but wait didnt kiss at the dance too that was hot too but not as hot as the one in bedroom. and i wish they did the way thats in the book when she faints but i loved the kiss in the movie like i said it made me shake lol
I LOVED it because I could just picture sucking face with Mr. Hottie. I was disappointed there wasn't more kissing. I think that's why I keep trudging back to the theater for that one scene. Rob's lips are so luscious...............yummy!
yummy i agree lol
i loved the build up , the slow lean in for the kiss was much more exciting to me than the actual kiss , good things come to those who wait so they say.

i got to say my fave kiss of the movie was the one he gave her on her neck when she says shes ready to be changed , i dunno what it was but very very sexy
the kiss itself was sexy as ever/drool worthy and who could blame the girl for throwing herself at him (I would and I'm old enough to be his mother)...but her being in her underwear irritated me...that was't needed, Hardwicke threw that in for the males in the audience...cheap I say.

I thought the kissing scene was very erotic. The build-up was intense. But I have to say that when Edward went flying backwards that really made me giggle.
Love it , it was so
Man Kristen Stewert is so
LUCKY !!!!

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